Skytrust: Helping Companies to Ensure Safety and Compliance in the Workplace


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Corey Burford, Managing Director, Skytrust

Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is critical for any business. However, traditional Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) management programs have long been built on paper forms, inefficient processes, and manually updated Excel spreadsheets. As the organization grows, so does the complexity and volume of the EHS compliance data. Soon, the web of spreadsheets becomes impossible to manage, and trying to gather insights from this mess of data becomes a nightmare. Thus, to help businesses reduce their workload and efficiently maintain safe working environments, Skytrust, an Australian-owned company specializing in software solutions for the management of Quality, Health, Safety & Environment came to the forefront.

The Beginning of Skytrust

Albert Einstein once famously said, “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” This seems so true for Skytrust whose ideation took shape when an industry veteran, Corey Burford saw the opportunities lurking behind the challenges in organizational compliance management. It all started when Corey was working in a QHSE role. This is when he realized managing EHS software for manufacturing, hazards, incidents, and risks with Excel Spreadsheets and paper forms is quite challenging. He sensed the need for a more efficient and effective management process. Thus, together with his team, they developed an intranet system to improve their own compliance workflow. The successful implementation of the easier, more efficient safety and compliance management system delivered significant improvements to the business and reductions in the employer’s costs. Thus, they decided to commercialize the ‘QHSE’ software. Initially, their client base was construction and mining. But as the company grew, they realized their QHSE Software had the potential to be developed further. “Around that time, cloud computing was becoming popular within the IT industry.  We saw an opportunity to design a product that can be used by any industry sector regardless of the size of the company.  In 2010, we diversified, and Skytrust as a SaaS product was born,” affirms Corey.

From A Humble Beginning to a Promising Future

Skytrust began its journey in 2006 with just two employees operating out of a backyard studio. However, it grew overtime to become a well-structured company with 20 employees and a broad client industry base ranging from small to medium enterprises up to large corporations from all types of industry sectors. The introduction of Skytrust provided the company an opportunity to further evolve. Backed by a dedicated team comprising Management, Engineers, HR, Accounts, Sales, and Support departments, all contributing to the success of the company today, Skyrust has expanded its presence internationally to numerous countries.

A One-Stop Shop to Manage an Organisation’s Compliance Needs 

Skytrust is a leading cloud-based integrated management system providing a holistic integrated management approach to a company’s compliance and due diligence across all aspects of the business. The user-friendly tools assist with risk management, safety, quality, environment, inductions, contractors, and plant/asset management. It comes with a real-time dashboard with trending performance indicators for promoting important business decisions to increase efficiency and productivity. What gives it further a unique edge in the market is that it can be used by any industry and it provides a broad range of functionality and capability that enables easy access anywhere. 

The Skytrust Plus App can record incidents, and hazards and conduct inspections remotely and offline. Many of its modules also come with a QR code feature that enables easy access to inductions, inspections, JSA/SWMS, and plant and equipment. “Personnel is informed of various events that occur within Skytrust or when employees are not completing activities, with notifications being escalated to management making the employee accountable for their inaction,” opines Corey. Built on three fundamental principles of efficiency, alignment, and affordability, Skytrust has become a one-stop shop to manage a company’s risk compliance needs. The platform meets the requirements of the International Standards (ISO 9001, ISO 45001 & ISO 14001), and companies can be assured they are implementing a platform that focuses on best practices to meet their QHSE requirements.

Attributes that Differentiate Skytrust

According to Corey, Skytrust’s key strengths lie in two key attributes. One is its product, Skytrust which offers a complete core platform with no hidden costs and there is no need to purchase individual modules. Skytrust comes with a core system with the ability to add additional optional modules as required by the client. The platform grows as the client grows. “We offer a 3-month trial at no cost and no lock-in contracts. We will create the client’s platform and populate it with key data to enable an immediate deployment within the company.  The client gets to put the system to the test with their own data and immediately starts to see the benefits Skytrust provides within the 3 months,” asserts Corey.

Another key attribute that sets Skytrust apart is its dedicated and professional Sales Team that works very closely with the client over the trial period and beyond. Equipped with qualified safety and certification professionals, its Sales Team knows exactly what the client’s needs and challenges are and engages with clients to ensure they are getting the most from the platform. Besides this,  an optimal after-sales service is also provided by its dedicated Customer Support Team who is more than happy to assist clients when they need just that extra bit of help or more tailored training.

Keeping Client’s Needs at the Forefront

The continued success of Skytrust also comes from its constant effort to keep a high level of client satisfaction with top-notch services and customer support. Its mission is to be able to support any company regardless of size or industry in managing its risks and compliance simply and effectively through a user-friendly platform that directs improvement in risk management compliance and delivers solutions to enable companies to create safe, compliant, and productive workplaces. “We believe in engaging with our clients from the very start so that we understand their needs and challenges and work closely with them for the life of our relationship. We take pride in ourselves and the product we offer and confidently build trust with our clients not only in our product but our service. Considering our client’s needs, delivering quality, and being open, honest, and respectful are paramount to us,” adds Corey.

Continues Pursuing Excellence and Innovation

Today Skytrust prides itself on the ongoing development and continued innovation, meeting the needs of its clients, and growing the business with professional and dedicated people.  Moving into the future, Skytrust envisions itself to be a successful, trusted, and highly recognized company not only in Australia but also across the globe. “We will keep growing our client base and in turn, grow our company. Our continued investment in innovation will strengthen our position as a leading compliance software solution,” concludes Corey.


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