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Technology has enhanced the way many traditional businesses operate, allowing for faster, more accurate and efficient processes to be implemented.

Due to the implementation of technological advances into daily business functions, there has been a tendency to reduce the human touchpoints that a customer faces in their experience journey. However, the need for human interaction is increased as issues in the service industry become more complex, which outlines the critical need for a fine balance between automation and customer service agents.

For TTEC (formally known as TeleTech), a global customer experience service provider, the value of providing a human-centric approach to business solutions is crucial and has been at the core of its operations, since its creation in 1982.

While TTEC global headquarters are based in Denver, Colorado, a significant portion of its operations are based in Asia-Pacific. With 50,000 employees operating across six continents, TTEC has helped many prominent global enterprises in travel, hotels and hospitality industry for over two decades.

The company also works with leading, globally recognized industry leaders in automotive, communications and media, financial services, government solutions, healthcare, property and casualty insurance, retail and e-commerce, amongst others.

TTEC is a trusted provider of customer experience and business solutions throughout the Asia-Pacific region, combining industry-leading talent with technology. Furthermore, the Company has partnered with some of the Asia-Pacific region’s most respected brands in designing and managing world-class customer experience strategies.  

In 2018, the Asia-Pacific region represented 26 percent of TTEC global business, with more than 2 million customer interactions with Australian and New Zealand customers every week.

Impressive Portfolio of Delivering Service Excellence

TTEC boasts an extensive portfolio in the travel and hospitality sector, which has been steadily built over two decades. In this sector, the Company manages services such as reservations, customer care, loyalty programs, sales, and back office.

Arthur Nowak, Senior Vice-President, Asia-Pacific market, said: “Our services and solutions are designed to be context-aware and insight-driven, omnichannel customer journeys. They are then brought to life on our own cloud-based technology platforms, leveraging knowledge management with machine learning and artificial intelligence.”  

TTEC enables its clients to build lifetime value and brand affinity with their customers by combining their customer service agents with the convenience and efficiency of technology; all while increasing the customers’ revenue and reducing their costs.

When a world-class airline organisation engaged TTEC to support the launch of an all-new loyalty program, while increasing revenue and customer engagement, the Company showcased its skills and decades of experience.

By installing its industry-leading technology platforms, TTEC increased customer engagement, decreased response time and engaged with over 1,700 new customers in record time, while driving increased revenue

The company always aims to provide a service that exceeds a customer’s expectations by ensuring a positive online and offline experience as the services are designed with the end-user in mind.

Showcasing a Personalized Service in the Travel and Hospitality Sector

TTEC has a longstanding history in the travel and hospitality sector, with client relationships dating back almost two decades.

In this industry, customer interaction and service are needed at the highest possible standard, which is why TTEC offers a variety of personalised services ranging from sales, customer support to fraud prevention services, to clients helping them to solve complex and challenging problems and achieve specific business goals and results.

To support with the magnitude of customer interactions – across all aspects of business – needed on a daily-basis, Mr. Nowak points out, “consumers are willing to talk to a bot before a human to get instant answers, but only to a certain extent. When the complexity of an issue increases, so does customer preference for more human interaction. 67% of customers prefer agent-assisted customer service over self-service”

TTEC increases the opportunities for customers to experience personalized service and continues to deliver a white-glove treatment for both the clients and their customers.

Creating an Environment of Success

TTEC is reshaping the travel and hospitality industry by bringing breakthrough technology solutions and marketing solutions that improve the way businesses deal with their customers.

With executing business objectives and goals at the highest standard, TTEC has reaped many benefits including a client Net Promoter Score (NPS) in 2018 of <70 per cent, higher than any of TTEC competitors in the market.

Additionally, the organization’s integrated and proactive approach has even increased some of clients’ NPS by up to 104 per cent in 2018.

Mr Nowak says: “What further drives our client’s satisfaction is the empowered customer advocacy of our own employees.”

In the past year, TTEC has received significant recognition of its ongoing investment in the region, earning honours as Service Excellence Company of the Year in Asia CEO Awards, Aon Best Employer 2018 in the Philippines, Champion in Frost IQ: Australian Contact Center Outsourcing Market and most recently taking home the title as Best Training and Development Program winner in the 2019 Australian Customer Contact Week Excellence Awards.

Mr Nowak says: “We will continue to develop the travel and hospitality industry in the Asia-Pacific region, with our quality business solutions that we provide to a rich-mixture of clients in this sector. 2019 is off to a promising start and we look forward to the rest of the year.”

With a strong portfolio of clients in the region and a focus to serve new clients, the future is bright for TTEC.


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