Award-Winning ONLY Aesthetics Leads the Aesthetics Industry with Trendy, Non-Invasive Treatments and the Latest Technology


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  • Non-surgical treatments by accredited medical doctors on-par with expanding medical tourism sector in Singapore
  • Both founders are expanding business endeavours locally to inculcate better opportunities, besides treatments, for the masses
  • ONLY’s formidable spectrum of treatments target various body parts and enhances natural beauty

Singapore – With the constant introductions of on-trend treatments such as Cryotherapy and GLASS SKIN to Singapore, ONLY Aesthetics has become the go-to aesthetics clinic for all beauty-related treatments. And the group’s innovative HOW® bottle has just elevated the status of ONLY Aesthetics as a global, holistic carrier of beauty and wellness products. Capitalising on the success of the brand’s first outlet in Singapore, ONLY Aesthetics has since expanded its brand business to include clinics and centres that caters to their other vested services and products, which largely involves the latest aesthetics machinery and technology.

A far cry from common cosmetologists, ONLY Aesthetics ensures safe, effective treatments with as little downtime as possible – in fact, GLASS SKIN™ and AQUAGOLD® are just two of the many treatments that do not require any downtime at all. It’s all part of the aesthetics company mission to produce radical, non-surgical beautifying procedures; preserving while enhancing the natural beauty of patients are of utmost importance as well.

Co-founder Adren How shares, “ We insist upon perfecting and tailoring treatments to our clients not only to ensure customer satisfaction, but to create a wholesome and reliable experience that targets problem areas quickly and adequately,” He adds, “ ONLY Aesthetics also aims to attract the burgeoning medical tourism sector in Singapore.”

ONLY Aesthetics’ position in the local aesthetics industry has led both founders Adren How and Jermaine Teo to pursue a myriad of other endeavours. Apart from medical beauty treatments, the couple’s intentions for the company’s direction, both present and future, also include sports recovery treatment (with Cryotherapy), distribution of technological innovations, training programmes and franchises. This also led to the creation of the revolutionary HOW® bottle, which allows Singaporeans to consume the world’s smallest antioxidant by integrating it into our everyday lives through water.

Having won awards from publications worldwide – including Elle and Cosmopolitan for their products, treatments and service, the group has also attained other awards such as the Promising SME 500 for their business venture. 

About ONLY Aesthetics

Established in 2005, ONLY Aesthetics was founded in an effort to rise above the inadequacy of the then-newly saturated market of medical aesthetics. The co-founders believed in the calling to reach out to clients who wanted to better themselves, without short-changing them. The brand prides itself on its state-of-the-art technology and exceptional results that have allowed them to be a multi-award winning company.

About HOW

Having closely followed the works of Nobel Prize Winner Albert Szent-Gyorgyi which uncovered the importance of Hydrogen, the world’s smallest and lightest antioxidant that the human body responds to, Hydrogen Optimised Water – HOW® has provided the solution to sustain and repair the human body with its HOW Bottle. HOW is a subsidiary of ONLY Aesthetics that focuses on the research of HOW® and the creation of its HOW Bottle.


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