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IoT is on the verge of going mainstream touching every industry and every area of life. IoT enables us to pursue the dream of creating an ideal smart world. But are we prepared for the security risks that come with IoT at a global scale? Often the conversation is centered not on security threats but on how the world would become more efficient and faster through IoT. But we need to acknowledge the very fact that IoT and smart world come with tremendous security risks. No one will dispute that it will be catastrophic if hackers take control of the connected and automated global IoT network. We need to build professional security systems that can counter the threats.  If not, we might very well be creating a dystopian future and not a utopian world.

That realistic realization is very close to Trend Micro, a company that is dedicated to securing the connected world. Early on, Trend Micro very well understood the importance of advanced security in a digitally connected world. Started in 1988 by three co-founders, Steve Chang, Jenny Chang, and Eva Chen to develop antivirus software, the company has come a long way constantly evolving and innovating to secure the rapidly changing world. The company is already a market leader in hybrid cloud security, network defense, small business security, and endpoint security. And now with the rising IoT market, Trend Micro is dedicated to IoT security leveraging its strong experience in diverse security fields.

As the quest for smart world, the role of advanced security service providers such as Trend Micro has become indispensable.

Staying One Step Ahead of the Threat Actors

The security threat in the digital landscape is complex.  There is no legislation, nor a single technology that can put a halt to cybercrime. Besides, the nature of threat is constantly evolving which makes it much harder to predict and stop.  In addition, the fast changes in IT infrastructure make it all a complicated task to begin with.

Staying ahead of the attackers or hackers and being prepared for the next threat is the only strategy to ensure total security. This is what Trend Micro has been doing for its clients.  Akihiko Omikawa, Executive Vice President, IoT Security of the company, says, “We continuously innovate to stay one step ahead of the threat actors.” Trend Micro Smart Protection Network—the core technology of threat Intelligence—protects customers as one of the world largest threat information big data, optimizing the latest technologies such as machine learning and cooperating with other solutions. The company works with the clients and technology partners through a preventive approach to ensure the safe exchange of digital data in the connected world.

A Trusted Name in the Field

The US ICS-CERT recognizes Trend Micro as a leading IoT product vulnerability contributor through its subsidiary ZDI that was launched in 2005. Last year, ZDI launched a new program to assist IoT device makers tackle security risk from the source.

With its continuous research effort in IoT security, Trend Micro provides security solutions in different layers of protection to cover different scenarios, including smart home, smart car, smart factory, and smart city.  The company has been partnering with different industry leaders including MOXA, Panasonic, and NTT Docomo in securing smart factory, smart car, and smart city. Trend Micro continues to expand its partnership with key players in IoT security as well as further expand its research activities to ensure a safe digital exchange across industries.

Security Grounded at the Root for a Safe World

IoT security is nested in the larger scope of cyber security and it starts with securing every single device and point that constitutes IoT.  And thus the company’s approach to IoT security is security inside all the data points including devices, networks, and cloud, based on the concept of multi-layered protection to ensure total security and infrastructure continuity at all time. Mr. Omikawa explains, “Protecting everything connected to networks including IT and OT is necessary. To achieve that goal, we need to host extensive security knowledge in addition to advanced technologies leading to trustworthiness from our customers.”

As a company that has been providing total security addressing diverse kinds of threats for three decades, Trend Micro stands out as an advanced security solution provider with the capability to provide solutions corresponding to any changes in the world. For the rising IoT industry, Mr. Omikawa assures, “Based on what we have achieved for IT security, we will continuously gain trustworthiness from our customers in IoT security creating a new market.”

The risks that come with IoT cannot be undermined if we are to create a smart world and Trend Micro is committed to securing it. Mr. Omikawa says, “We all dream for a safe and greener world. Trend Micro, as a cybersecurity expert, is committed to its mission of Securing Your Connected World.”


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