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A brand becomes successful only when customers start trusting theirproducts. With innovations and new features, you can create hype in the market; however, it’s the customers who finally determine whether your product has the potential to succeed in the market or not. Customers don’t buy products from companies they can’t trust. They trust companies that intend to solve their problems and improve their quality of life. And unfortunately, we have only a few companies that are operating under this norm. In those handful companies, only some of them go on creating a lasting legacy that customers admire and cherish.

Daikin Airconditioning Singapore Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd, is one such company that has built a lasting legacy in the market with its fifty years of service. As the name suggests, the company offers quality-oriented air-conditioners to customers. Designed to improve the lives of people and protect the environment, the company’s air conditioners have improved the quality of life of people across the globe.

The company started out its journey in 1968 growing with the economy and had achieved many innovation-firsts. But it was in the late 1970s when Singapore government implemented energy consumption in large-scale public housing projects; Daikin Singapore pioneered and introduced its first multi-split energy-efficient residential air-conditioning units for Singapore house owners.

This laid the foundation for the culture of innovation that would pervade in the company in the years to come. During the mid-1980s of the global energy crisis, Singaporean companies announced cost-cutting measures. Taking this into account, Daikin Singapore introduced the country’s first variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system; a highly effective and energy-saving air-conditioning technology designed for commercial buildings and delivered cost-saving solutions to Singapore’s business community.

The innovation stories of Daikin Singapore don’t end there. Today, the company popularized the ‘5 ticks’ air conditioner, which represents the highest-efficiency ratings for residential air-conditioners. Thereafter, the company has introduced the eco-friendlier ‘R-32 Multi-split system air conditioner that delivers only 70 percent less global warming potential on your ecosystem, as compared to other air-conditioners. Besides that, the company also smartly utilized waste heat emitted from the outdoor unit to heat up the water in the storage water tank for showers with its Super Multi Hot Water System.

Consumers can now enjoy cool comfort and refreshing hot showers with great energy and cost savings. This exemplifies the company’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions for a sustainable environment.

At the Forefront Even in this new era where a growing number of startups venture in the market, Daikin Airconditioning still remains to be the preferred service provider of customers across the globe. This is mainly because of its ability to keep up with the changes in the industry and understand what customers needs are, and adopt new technologies to fulfill the needs of customers.

Throughout the years, the company has consistently remained at the forefront of providing advanced energy efficiency technology, sophisticated, and user-friendly air conditioners. With the advent of new technologies such as the internet of things and their move into our idea of smart homes, a lot of things have changed. Daikin Singapore has embraced this change and offers integrated systems to perfect its cooling solutions, taking air-condition to the next level and going beyond its previous limitations. Also, the company enables cross-brand connectivity and intends to introduce super-energy efficient products for its customers. “In this era of accelerating technological advances, the evolution of Smart trend will bring about rapid changing domestic demographics. Therefore, connecting people and goods become important.

User interface (UI) and the Internet of thing (loT) will enhance the value of user experience and will increasingly become vital for our future business,” says Mr Liu Shaw Jiun, Managing Director of Daikin Airconditioning Singapore Pte Ltd.

In line with the global trends, Singapore had launched Smart Nation initiatives such as smart homes, smart buildings and offices, and smart community, which would become part of our lives in the coming years. To contribute to this Smart Nation initiatives, Daikin Singapore has introduced D’SmartHome, a customizable solution that can be catered to customers’ needs, offering an integrated single interface system to control various devices and appliances.

D’SmartHome provides customers with all the comforts of ordinary life two-fold of utmost comfort, convenience, security, and entertainment concurrently. “It allows customers to control most aspects of their lifestyle with a tap on their smartphones by setting scenarios of their immediate environment, monitoring energy consumption and security systems keeping your loved one safe and sound,” tells Mr Liu.

During the interview with CNA for achieving the most coveted Business Management Excellence Award, Mr. Liu took pride in helping the company achieve the highest record sales for the past year. “We have been consecutively breaking the record every year since I took over the position as GM back in 2004. Today, we are proud of being recognized as the trusted air- condition service provider in both the residential and commercial sector,” says Mr. Liu.

He further added, “We are not only providing the comfort to consumers; we are capitalizing on new technologies such as AI to go beyond the limitations and contribute to the smart nation culture, which is ubiquitous across Singapore.” Under the effective leadership of Mr. Liu, the company has achieved many feats, and he hopes that he can take the company to the next level by embracing the ongoing changes and capitalizing on new technologies. And this would unquestionably empower Daikin Singapore to position itself as the trendsetter in the Singapore market.

Daikin Airconditioning has its philosophy built on three principles: Absolute Credibility, Enterprising Management, and Harmonious Personal Relations. With teams committed to these principles, the company delivers excellence in all aspects of business and ensures residential, large corporations, small to medium-sized business and public-sector customers receive the best-sales and after-sales care.

Bolstered by constant training and upgrading, the team at Daikin Singapore provides professional consultation services and after-sales support that are unrivaled in the industry. With the largest in-house team, Daikin Singapore’s highly-trained technicians are focused on delivering world-class customer-services. With all these services and capabilities in place, Daikin Singapore has been constantly voted by consumers as Reader’s Digest Trusted Air conditioner brand, and is also awarded Singapore’s Favourite Aircon Brand 2018 by Superbrands.

When asked about the milestones the company seeks to achieve in the coming years, Mr Liu says, “Looking towards the next fifty years we want to repay the trust and faith our customers have placed in our products.” Also, the company is expanding its regional network and leading more innovative initiatives across the region. “As we grow into an excellence hub in Singapore, we will go into the next phase of our exciting journey together with you because we grow together, and Together, We are 1,” concludes Mr Liu.

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