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Recruiting the right person is crucial for every organization. Probably, it is one of the most critical tasks an organization has to deal with when requirements surface. Traditionally, senior-level executives saw this process of finding the ideal candidates as the onus of the HR managers. But today, in the era of offshore staffing, organizations have access to different types of recruiting companies that can meet all their specific hiring needs.

Emapta is one such offshore staffing solution provider that has established its brand identity across the globe. Committed to delivering ideal staffing solutions, the company has brought about changes in the way staffing solutions are offered. Today, over 250 clients across a diverse range of industries, including accounting and financial services, transport, construction, media, nonprofit, and many more employ and benefit from Emapta ideal staffing solution services.

The story of Emapta is different from many of its competitors. Tim Vorbach, an Australian Entrepreneur, founded Emapta, in 2005, when he was in the search for an offshore solution to meet his hiring needs. But the experience Tom Vorbach had was not satisfactory. Unsatisfied with the traditional BPO offerings, he decided to start a company of his own. Recognizing the potential of offshoring in the Philippines and with a clear understanding of the needs and challenges of business owners in Australia, he set up his own business in the Philippines.

Thus, was born Emapta staffing platform that allowed him and other business owners to find, retain, and engage reliable talent that contributes to business success. Since then, Emapta has grown to be a market-leading offshore staff provider in the Philippines with 1700 employees across 11 offices in Manila and Baguio.  

Through these strategic locations, Emapta gains a better reach for the best talent in the Philippines and allows these talent to work for foreign companies in commuter-friendly business hubs with high-quality facilities and amenities. In addition to these benefits, Emapta provides staff with personalized career programs that support top talent in their individual growth and help to stay engaged and productive for their employer.

Meeting Customers’ needs

From the beginning, Emapta approach to staffing was customer-centric.  “A key consideration of businesses in today’s technology-led times is control. Emapta innovative offshore staffing solutions grant businesses full access and control of their offshore staff that is fully integrated and connected with the businesses’ teams at home,” says Vorbach, Founder of Emapta. To complement this, the company offers its proprietary technology that enables customers, employees, and Emapta Management to constantly communicate, collaborate, and optimize the working relationship. It also ensures seamless and efficient day-to-day operations.

Emapta transparent, flexible and customer driven offshore staffing solution has been very well received and has led the company to a great expansion in size and service offerings. “Hiring the right talent that is engaged and reliable from the start, has allowed our customers to free up resources for strategic growth and to start making money again,” states Vorbach.

Today, Vorbach credits the recurring foundation of the company’s success to Emapta personal relationship with customers.  The leadership team at Emapta is fully involved and engaged with consumers to not just provide the services they need in a professional and timely manner, but also to support customers in their business growth through trusted relationships.

Emapta understands the requirements of businesses of all sizes and offers solutions that meet their specific needs. “In our experience of working with SMEs in Australia, U.K, Canada, U.S and Singapore, the hiring of offshore staff can be the saving grace for small businesses,” tells Vorbach. He further adds, “Having an engaged, motivated, and highly trained employee taking care of administration, finance or even creative tasks helps business owners have more time and resources to focus on other areas of business.”Emapta client-based staff work in state-of-the-art office spaces in strategic locations in order to provide the best service to their employers. However, some also work from home with full-time remote IT support. This provides one of the markets’ most competitive options for clients.

The company, going forward, is continuing to grow its presence in the Philippines with an expansion of its building network to more strategic locations in Manila and Cebu. Emapta also intends to include gyms, wellness clinics and other facilities for employees, as well as technological upgrades for better visibility and efficiency. “We will continue to use our proprietary technology and other innovative tools to ensure that small businesses continue to benefit from offshore solutions even through changing circumstances,” concludes Vorbach.


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