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Bumjoong Ven Park, CEO & Co-Founder, Quad Miners

The importance of security is vital for any business, especially the one that is involved with network systems. Irrespective of their industrial operations, organizations need an effective security system to meet their business goals and objectives. This has multiplied the significance and demand for networking solutions and services tenfold. It is tremendously essential for organizations to boast a quality network that brings-forward minimal issues to ensure the smooth functioning of business operations and optimal efficiency. Keeping in mind the need to safeguard an organization’s IT infrastructure from any kind of cyber threats or lagging issues, Quad Miners solves security threats such as internal leakage and systematically respond to the network security market.

The cybersecurity market is growing because of the ESM and SIEM market has reached its peak. ESM and SIEM can collect logs and do a part of the analysis but not the way Network Security can store and analyze. Quad Miners has developed a solution where it meets the needs and criteria in order to store and analyze all network packets in real-time. It establishes a more secure and reliable network environment than ever before.

The Men of Action behind Quad Miners

Quad Miners was established by a group of four young studious men, of which one is a technical salesperson and the other three are technical developers. The industry veterans have many years of experience in the cybersecurity field and decided to develop a solution that offers full visibility to the clients with accurate evidence of the corporate network. While the company was found in the year 2017, the research and development behind the company began 6 years before its launch. The company’s name, Quad Miners derivatively means, Quad—four main people and miners digging deep into the network.

The company solves many internal threats and external threats such as abnormal behavior from employees, data leakage, malware, phishing, and Trojan attacks. Quad Miners’ solution will accurately detect and analyze in real-time and allow companies to quickly resolve these challenges. While most cybersecurity solutions are focused on one specific area of expertise, Quad Miners’ technology allows corporate to visualize their network without a single loss. Bumjoong Ven Park, CEO and Co-Founder of the company says, “To analyze and save packets quickly, we also design and develop our own database.” 

Prominent Solutions with Unique Servicing Approach 

Nowadays, as most of the companies are moving into the cloud environment, cloud security has been a hot issue. Companies feel threatened as security in the cloud is not technically advanced up to date. With that issue in mind, the Quad Miners offers Cloud Blackbox solution that allows the companies to monitor their cloud network and secure their cloud by detecting and analyzing 100% of the network and provides the full visibility for the clients in their cloud environment. Cloud Blackbox is the most advanced physical-virtualized network security solution in the market. The solution collects network traffic, including North-South/East-West traffic of both private and public clouds, and detects advanced threats and network behavior anomaly in real-time with the latest threat detection rules. Further, via highly defined DB, Network Blackbox users are able to analyze cyber threats and even see the actual packets. Once the event is detected, it informs the users of immediate countermeasure options via a variety of paths.

The company also provides avant-garde cyber threat analysis architecture, Network Blackbox, the next-generation network cybersecurity solution that detects and responds to all various threats that occur in the corporate network. 100% of all packets are stored without a single loss and analyzed, enabling detection and response to all kinds of cybersecurity threats. The solution can process large amounts of traffic per second and recognize up to 400 applications. It can easily integrate with various third-party solutions, API’s Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), security information and event management (SIEM) tools, and APT Sandbox. The solutions detect and analyze threats to cybersecurity by collecting all network traffic without any loss, such as a BlackBox equipped in an aircraft that analyzes all accident records.

Quad Miners offers the most powerful threat detection system in the market called FP NIDS (Full Packet-based NIDS). Unlike other global IDS products, FP NIDS stores the entire traffic that users can monitor. The solution has 29 machine learning-based threat detection models that precisely locate advanced threats and anomalies. At the application level, FP NIDS extracts all files with uploads and downloads. Once an event is detected, it informs users of immediate countermeasure options via a variety of paths.

Tackling Competition

Quad Miners is a customer-focused company. While network forensic threats such as accurate evidence of internal and external threats go through the network, the Quad Miners’ solution captures and detects these actions. 

“Our largest client had internal employees send critical and confidential information on a consistent basis. They were not able to catch such actions with all the security solutions. In addition to that, the client needed to know exactly what information was being leaked. We were able to resolve their pain point with our Network Blackbox,” says Park.

He further goes on to say, “All our employees have an important role as Quad Miners’ has only been established in November of 2017. However, marketing, sales, and the technical team would have a slightly more important role than the other team.”

Each team has an important role to play in the market. The marketing team studies the security trend and market the company globally, the sales team sells the solution for the company to grow, and finally, the technical team improves the solution to fit the market globally.

Planning for the Road Ahead

Quad Miners is constantly upgrading its performance to become the first choice in serving solutions for its clients by maintaining a good quality of service. The company is continuously expanding and cooperating with leading enterprises and government offices. Park asserts, “We believe that we can grow through practical wisdom. Based on our belief, we create a technically oriented ecosystem.” 

The future focus of the company is to be well-known for its technology in the cybersecurity market. “Our goal is to become one of the first to succeed as cybersecurity company outside of the Korean market and become well-known globally,” affirms Park.


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