NZ US Tax Specialists: Delivering Reliable Tax Services for U.S. Citizens Residing Principally In New Zealand


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Gina Gatchell, Managing Director, NZ US Tax Specialists Ltd

Given its unmatched natural beauty, relaxed culture, and high quality of living, it is understandable why New Zealand is a desirable destination for most US expatriates. However, US citizens living in New Zealand face onerous issues and challenges, when it comes to tax compliance and planning. The US is almost unique in that US citizens continue to pay taxes in the US whether they live there or not. The US tax system is also the most complicated in the world, and the complexity is further increased when the US and NZ tax rules must be followed simultaneously. And the conventional US or NZ practices and advice do not translate well and often prove ineffective or have unforeseen implications when applied to all facets of a US citizen’s financial life. It takes a team of seasoned tax professionals who are experienced and conversant in both the US and New Zealand’s tax systems to navigate the international taxation landscape. Thus, identifying the need for specialist tax services for US citizens residing in NZ, Gina Gatchell, a pioneering tax blogger, speaker, writer, and taxpayer advocate laid the foundation of “NZ US Tax Specialists” in 2007.

In 2006, Gina was working for a multinational company in Auckland, Peace Software NZ Ltd, where she learned about the US tax system, along with other tax jurisdictions. Subsequently, she joined the American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand (AMCHAM) and through that membership, she commenced writing a monthly article on tax which was published in AMCHAM’s newsletter. That exposure, together with her ambition and observation that New Zealand needed reliable tax services for US citizens residing there, drove her to rebrand her company, International Assignment Services Limited as NZ US Tax Specialists Limited. Today, NZ US Tax Specialists serves clients throughout NZ and offshore and has built a reputation for quality services. As a boutique accountancy firm specializing in the United States and New Zealand taxation, NZ US Tax Specialists offers quality outputs, and responsive and tailored client service, delivered through the latest secure technology.

Providing Smart Tax Advisory and Compliance Services

Serving as the expert tax agent, NZ US Tax Specialists leverage its deep experience in the issues that arise when relocating to or from the United States. It assists US expatriates located in New Zealand and Australia with multi-jurisdiction tax obligations, providing tax advice, tax planning, filing requirements, tax residency determinations, US and NZ income tax return preparation, and FBAR preparation. Its in-house technical experience allows it to answer most questions about US expat taxes and other tax matters on the spot and the returns it prepares are fully consistent with the rules of each country. Known for its ability to handle audits and resolve issues with the IRD and IRS, NZ US Tax Specialists is playing a pivotal role in resolving issues of double taxation between the US and NZ. 

It also plays a proactive role as a tax ‘radar’ for its clients, explaining the impact of legislative changes, and interpreting tax issues in the news and judicial rulings.  “Being a thought leader in US tax in New Zealand, and understanding the challenges that US citizens face when residing offshore has led to my philosophy that communication is the blood of my organization. It is communication that has underpinned the success of NZ US Tax Specialists. Clients know they can rely on us to get the job done. In addition, having been around for a while now, stability and company history is important,” asserts Gina.

Pursuing Excellence with a Strong Knowledge Base 

Besides its impeccable US tax services and client-centric approach, one of the key aspects that make NZ US Tax Specialists truly unique is its strong knowledge base around the NZ tax system. “Some clients only use our US tax services, others use both, but that knowledge that we know the NZ tax system and how the double tax agreements of the United States operate, particularly with clients here in NZ is our sustainable competitive advantage,” affirms Gina. Specializing purely in expatriate taxation in New Zealand, Gina has been focused on expatriate tax since 2006.

Along with sound knowledge, Gina also emphasizes on providing a healthy work atmosphere that fosters the growth of a team. Exhibiting the ideal qualities of a modern leader, Gina helms the team of NZ US Tax Specialists. “I think most of them know that I am here when they need me. I try to communicate wherever possible that I value them, no matter how big the assignment is that I am working on for them,” adds Gina.

Continues Garnering Its Reputation as World-Class US Tax Experts

Ever since its inception in 2007, NZ US Tax Specialists has been playing the trumpet of success across the industry with its excellent customer service and strong knowledge base. Going forward, it plans to continue offering top-notch services and garnering its reputation as a leader in the US tax landscape. “We are a quality organization that does not aspire to follow the ‘bigger is better approach’. To keep that laser focus on the business we will continue to operate as we do. Professional development is where it is at for us. I have no plans to change anything beyond the above. To continue to garner our reputation as world-class US tax experts and number one in New Zealand” opines Gina on a concluding note. 


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