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Shigeru Kamiya, CEO, Re Q Technology Consulting

Information technology (IT) system infrastructure like physical wires, switches, servers, routers, networks, and its plethora of accompanying software are critical for all modern businesses. It properly aligns internal resources such as computing power and employees to tackle external challenges. It also facilitates an efficient flow of information both within an organization and with outside participants such as business partners and customers. By enabling essential activities like communication, data analytics, tracking key metrics, and others—it shows organization’s level of competence and ability.

The right IT infrastructural setup can be challenging to achieve, especially for new and inexperienced companies, because they are extraordinarily complex. And while every vendor of IT systems, infrastructure, hardware, and software support their customers’ success, most of them are money-oriented, often competing for dominance in the market. So, it becomes very tricky for businesses to identify the best IT solution providers and realize a competent infrastructural setup.

As a widely trusted, expert, and veteran IT system infrastructure enabler in Japan, ReQ Technology Consulting Co. Ltd., is known for authentic, high-quality solutions, focussed on solving clients’ challenges first. Unlike the vast majority of IT software and hardware vendors who want to sell products, make money, and secure customers, ReQ Technology Consulting is fundamentally different. It offers high quality services, the right technological tools, enhanced security measures, technical expertise, and guidance that businesses really need for all IT endeavours.

Helping Modern Businesses Create the Best IT System Infrastructure Possible

ReQ Technology Consulting was established by Mr. Shigeru Kamiya, its founder and present CEO, together with close colleagues, in 2008, in Tokyo, Japan. He has immense working experience with American IT software and hardware vendors, even serving as a senior director of a large business once. Through the years, he observed that most IT vendors usually care about profits, rather than helping clients through challenges. He understood that organizations really need guidance on choosing and configuring the right combination of tools, software, and hardware, as well as education to grasp the jargons and operational know-how.

Beyond these fundamentals. Mr. Kamiya also had the key knowledge of configuring all sorts of equipment to optimize performance, reduce costs, as well as teach beginners and teams the proper way to use these systems and the teamwork needed for IT activities. More importantly, he knew that every modern company needs infrastructure aligned with its business strategies. So, choosing the right software, hardware and other equipment supported by standard technology can directly help the cause. Additionally, each company needs a separate team dedicated to managing IT systems, but as they need to focus on core services, they require guidance from IT system infrastructure professionals.

This is precisely where ReQ Technology Consulting offers that critical help to embolden organizations’ IT endeavours. With an aim to provide high-quality IT systems supported by revolutionary technology, the company connects its clients with the right vendors needed to build efficient and good quality IT systems. Essentially, it helps clients plan, design, build, run, and maintain the best possible and valuable IT systems through quality IT solutions, professional guidance, training services, and unconditional support.

While in the initial stages of their journey, they focussed on building databases, they have since expanded to offer complete installation, routine operations, and maintenance of many new elements of modern IT infrastructure. These include servers, storage drives, operating systems, middleware, back up software, network technology, virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, and hybrid cloud systems.

Skilful and Supportive Employees Striving to Understand Clients’ Real Needs

ReQ Technology Consulting’s primary mission is to guide organizations through IT-related challenges. The company is highly client-centric, and always gives enormous time and effort to better understand clients’ challenges. By making their clients’ challenges the highest priority, the company earns trust. And by working closely with the company, clients understand where troubles might occur in their complex system infrastructure, the best vendor to help resolve the problem and find out the appropriate solution.

At ReQ, it’s a standard practise for engineers to share his or her experiences with other employees, to improve one another’s proficiency. Most importantly, it’s the employees’ empathy that makes them successful with clients. “Our engineers at ReQ Technology Consulting always try to have empathy. This is the main reason why customers repeatedly come back to us, believing that we take their issues as its own,” Mr. Kamiya explains.

According to Mr. Kamiya, an empathic engineer having good technical skills can really listen to customer’s challenges, understanding them from their perspective. “Technical skill is an important element for engineers, but it’s equally important to build empathy. An empathic engineer produces good work. Without empathy, he or she can’t effectively provide feedback on issues and challenges to customers. Also, such an engineer won’t be a good team player,” Mr. Kamiya shares.

Visualizing the Growth of the Company, Clients, and the Japanese IT Industry

Today, ReQ Technology Consulting is renowned nation-wide as an IT system infrastructure specialist, reliable in supporting modern businesses to design and to build platform-level IT infrastructure for all routine requirements. Its years of experience helping clients tackle IT-related challenges, puts them in an advantageous position in the market today. Its authenticity, expertise, and empathic approach to always guide clients towards the most flexible infrastructural setup, is their critical strength.

Over the years, ReQ Technology Consulting has expanded its service portfolio to offer a more comprehensive IT systems infrastructure support. Alongside their core services, their offerings now encompass database, servers, middleware, storage, network technology, cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services and more. Its offerings also encompass all stages of IT systems lifecycle i.e. planning, designing, implementation and testing. Moreover, they also provide IT infrastructure strategy consulting, project management, and vendor management, which can prove vital for modern organizations in our digital era.

While new trends and developments take place in the field of IT system infrastructure bringing a number of new challenges to the landscape, ReQ Technology Consulting remains steadfast and committed to helping customers overcome IT-related challenges. “Moving forward, we want to expand into newer areas such as multi-cloud, data lake for digitalization, data analysis assessment, designing and construction. We are also considering consulting on artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and serverless architecture, as well as serverless system development and operation services, to essentially reduce workloads and eliminate personalized operation management,” Mr. Kamiya states.

Furthermore, through the years, ReQ Technology Consulting has been creating a unique knowledge management system by crafting special knowledge databases to help engineers store vital information about critical IT-related issues, how to resolve them and how to prevent them from happening again. “We are also planning to share this accumulated information with engineers externally and help the IT industry grow,” Mr. Kamiya concludes.


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