Paystation by Trade Me: Ensuring the Most Secure Online Payment Experience for Kiwis


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In an era of identity theft and impersonation, security is one of the primary concerns that hold consumers back from utilizing the advancements of e-commerce. Especially, in the case of web-based e-commerce applications that comprise payments like online banking, e-transactions, credit/debit card, etc. Since these are the happy hunting ground for hackers, a great deal of consumers still prefers offline transaction, though it is an uneasy way to transfer money.

In this scenario, what if consumers are given a most-advanced and secure online payment transaction platform that helps them enhance their business as well? Paystation by Trade Me, one of the leading providers of e-payment solutions is gaining attention and applauses for this. Headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, Paystation efficiently brings the best of global business practices by making secure online payments better for Kiwis.

“With a can-do attitude and an emphasis on customer service and great payments technology, our mission is to deliver secure online payments so easily. It means that we are payment experts – we are about making online payments work for you and your business,” explains Jon Macdonald, CEO of Paystation.

A Successful Business Tale of 18 Years 

The story of Paystation has begun long back in 2002 when Gerard Creamer (founder of Paystation) imagined introducing much-sophisticated services in the e-payment gateways of New Zealand. Since the beginning, the company has been focused on making payments easier, understandable, and accessible for the New Zealand business. And, it could prove its expertise in a short period of time.

Started from there, Paystation has got a new turn in its career after a few years in its collaboration with New Zealand’s biggest internet auction site ‘Trade Me Group.’ The big brand Trade Me acquired Paystation for an undisclosed sum, and the acquisition drove Paystation to ensure enhanced productivity, service level, and customer relationships. And, finally, to stay at the forefront of online payments in New Zealand for the last18 years.

“We have created products for the likes of Fairfax New Zealand, Westpac New Zealand, and Powershop. We also process payments for some of New Zealand and the world’s best-known brands such as Burger Fuel, Trade Me, and Fishpond,” describes Jon.

Deploying Most-Affordable Services to Customers

When asked about the service level of Paystation, Jon states that his company introduces advanced online payment features with an aim to provide greatest financial advantages for its customers. It productively promotes its gateway as a way for smaller retailers to let their customers pay by credit card without the retailer having to make a big investment in software.

“We are upfront and transparent with our charges. We don’t charge a network fee while our competitors charge $15 per month. And, for us, there is no extra charge for additional card types while others charge $100 per card type. Plus, we don’t charge for additional users,” explains Jon.

He further states, “With Paystation, on rate card pricing, our customers can sign up on a month-to-month basis, allowing them to cancel with 30 days notice and change account plans when they need to.”

Furthermore, Paystation greatly attracts customers by enabling them to access extra features at zero extra cost. And, the extra features include— PayMe (email-friendly invoicing), surcharging, customized and automated reporting, batch processing, and token payments.

Maintaining a Robust Customer Relationship

Concerning the relationship with customers, Jon proudly remarks that his company always considers customers as a guide to a better future. Thus, Paystation maintains a strong relationship with them. And, to retain the long-lasting relationship, the company gives ear to each of its customers and their valuable opinions. And, this helps Paystation to win the hearts of its customers.

“Our sustainment in the market for more than a decade itself is proof that we are holding a great relationship with our customers. We always work and introduce varied features to make them easy and comfortable with the online payment gateways,” concludes Jon.


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