The Crypto Economy: Are You Ready for It?


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More than a decade ago, a man offered 10,000 Bitcoins in exchange for 2 pizzas, this marked one of the first known mainstream transactions involving cryptocurrency. Today, as the buzz about cryptocurrency gets even louder, the world continues to discover how digital money is revolutionising the way financial transactions are made.

In Pursuit of Usability

The first idea for Ducatus Coin came about after Ronny Tome, Ducatus Global CEO, sold a villa in Bali in exchange for Bitcoins. Realising the potential of cryptocurrency, Ronny and other like-minded entrepreneurs began developing and implementing the vision for Ducatus Coin – to be the world’s most usable cryptocurrency. While mining and trading are inherent in the cryptocurrency industry, Ducatus is of the conviction that usability is the ultimate measure of a legitimate currency. The more people use and accept it, the more valuable it becomes.

Ducatus in Everyday Life

With Ducatus, using cryptocurrency need not be complicated. Fancy an espresso in the morning? Pay for it in crypto. Want to go on a much-needed holiday with the family? You can also use crypto for that. Ready to accept crypto as payment for your goods and services? That can be arranged, too. Many transactions that used to be cash-only can now be paid in crypto. This is made possible by Ducatus affiliate businesses that answer many of people’s basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, rest and relaxation, and financial education, among others. These businesses are among the cornerstones of the Ducatus Crypto-Economy.

Apart from its own businesses, Ducatus is also working with partners who believe in the potential of Ducatus Coin and the future promised by the new digital economy. Among these partners are forward-thinking merchants who are open to accepting Ducatus Coins as payment for their goods and services. From high-end restaurants and clothing stores, to furniture shops and olive oil purveyors, the list of Ducatus merchants continue to grow day by day.

The Ducatus Café franchise, Singapore’s first fully cashless crypto café, is poised to open outlets in Vietnam and Dubai. The franchise is open to all F&B partners who can count on the crypto-spending market who are on the lookout for businesses where they can spend their cryptocurrency. Opportunity is rife in the travel sector as well. Ducatus Travel is now progressing its partnership with various travel and tour operators, making more types of holidays available to crypto users.

A Future of Boundless Possibilities

Very soon, it will be full steam ahead for Ducatus Property, the company’s real estate portal that makes it possible for crypto owners to purchase real estate using cryptocurrency. Ducatus’ newly minted partnership with one of the world’s leading luxury property developers is paving the way for this revolution in the real estate industry.

As advocates of the digital economy, Ducatus is also developing learning hubs and workspaces that allow people to know more about the technology and enterprise of blockchain. The first hub is located in Bali, the very place where the idea of Ducatus Coin was conceived.

The crypto market is in transition and there’s no better time than now to embrace what could potentially be the norm of the future. Ducatus and its growing crypto-economy is ready, are you?

Open up to boundless possibilities with Ducatus, visit


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