Fighting Employee Disengagement Head-on


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Christine Khor


‘Many people are starting to realize that they work a lot and that working on stuff they believe in (and making things happen) is much more satisfying than just getting a paycheck and waiting to get fired (or die).’ Seth Godin

Do you know if your employees are engaged? Do you know if they are aligned with the values and purpose of your business? Do you know how much unhappy, disengaged employees are costing you and your business?

With disengaged employees costing Australian businesses an estimated $54.8 billion per year, people are fast becoming one of the biggest challenges facing business leaders, outside of strategy, this includes you. Recent estimates indicate that between 50% and 70% of employees are disengaged from the organisations they work for. This means up to 70% of those people working for you don’t want to be there. Like other businesses, are you feeling the implications of this across profits, productivity, turnover, and employee health and wellbeing?

Do you know what a happy and engaged employee looks like? Employees who are engaged with managers, leaders and organisations are those who:

  • Believe in the purpose of the organisation and their own contribution
  • View their work as being about more than just a paycheque
  • Are thanked and acknowledged by their managers
  • Feel their employer cares about their health and well-being
  • Feel trusted with a level of autonomy and empowerment
  • Feel a sense of belonging and a sense of having a good cultural fit in the workplace
  • Are supported and offered growth and career opportunities.

If you aren’t satisfying these needs, employee levels of disengagement increase, and your bottom line suffers. Tech startup is aiming to help bridge this gap between organisations (that’s you) and employees, to create a more engaged and fulfilled workforce.  

Established in mid-2017, delivers interactive and self-paced career coaching via online and mobile platforms that helps businesses empower their employees to find satisfaction in their work. Co-founder Christine Khor, a 20-year veteran of the recruitment and career coaching industries, believes that can help employees feel confident about their potential and, in return, step up in terms of productivity, leadership and creativity within an organisation,‘ is bringing coaching to every business and every employee and giving them the power to engage and empower their employees.’

Executive coaching is fast becoming an essential and effective tool for businesses, with multiple research studies indicating that 80% to 96% of organisations who have implemented coaching programs believe they are effective and will continue to support them.  Available to executive and C-suite level employees, executive coaching delivers proven results, with 96% of organisations reporting improvements in individual performances after introducing coaching. Nearly as many (92%) report having seen improvements in leadership and management effectiveness. is looking to change this model. They believe coaching should be readily available for every employee, at every level of an organisation no matter its size. Because the program takes as lf-paced, personalised and individual approach to coaching, coaches are able to progress at their own pace and tackle the issues that are directly affecting their career progression and receive direction from accredited Peeplcoach Coaches on how they can start planning a career pathway that will have them feeling valued and engaged within the organisation. Employees are thus empowered to take control of their own careers.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, on-demand advice and access to digital resources, including career tips and tools, provides a coaching program that is suitable for all employees, whatever their position or at whatever stage of their career. This allows you to be able to provide your employees with a coach that is in their corner and in their pocket.

Have you thought about coaching for your employees? Investing in coaching for your employees will help them feel valued and feel that the you are willing to invest in their potential and career growth. As a result, your business will see an increase in employee engagement, which will lead directly to increased tenure, productivity and profitability. With Peep’s affordable and accessible on-demand coaching, you can now fight employee disengagement head-on.


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