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Ashish Bhalla, Founder and CEO, Digital Business People PTE LTD

In today’s business world, many technology service providers focus on various solutions. However, there are very few companies that focus on customer communication management solutions (CCM). One such company that focuses on the niche area to provide CCM solutions is Digital Business People Pte Ltd. The CMM is currently very specific and is early adopted by a few industries such as Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Utilities, and few Govt Departments. Founder and CEO of the company, Ashish Bhalla, aims to broaden the horizon a little further with the idea of serving clients with a range of marketing automation solutions. He started the company to provide quality controls and every technical resource will be certified in the technology one is working on. 

“I have always thought that both external and internal connects are important to give customers a great experience on their journey with the brand,” says Ashish. The company was incorporated in 2018, and in the last couple of years, it has firmed up a little further. DBP achieved this by adding more solutions into the bucket of offerings such as Business Intelligence and Robotics Process Automation. As a result, it changed the brand’s position from being a marketing automation company to an omnichannel customer experience management company.

The focus of DBP remains in the solutions and services in the area of omnichannel customer experience management. With its experienced team, the company provides solutions and services in many different areas including, Customer Communications Management Solutions, Business Intelligence Solutions, CRM Solutions with a focus on the Salesforce, Robotics Process Automation Solutions, Isolation Economy Solutions, Cloud Management Services, Web Content Management Solutions, Application Development Services, Design and Development of Websites, Application Testing Services, Application Management Services. The company aims to have all certified technical people in the team. This is a key differentiator DBP has from its competitors. The company provides omnichannel Customer Experience Management enabling businesses to build enhanced customer experiences across multiple channels through leading digital transformation solutions and tools.

DBP is also a member of the Singapore Fintech Association, an industry body representing Singapore FinTech sector. 

Carving a Niche in the Market

Digital Business People is very focused on the quality of resources it aligns or assigns to every project. The policy of assigning only certified resources on every project makes the company unique and gives them the edge over the competitors. The company has an open work culture where they are encouraged to share ideas, without a thought of what others think of them. Employees can share feedback about anything and anyone in the team openly. It also has an inclusive work culture for everyone to get a feel of contributing to the company’s growth as well as self-achievement.

“Some of our clients trusted us ever as a startup company, while others wanted to wait and watch how the company goes and grows,” Ashish adds, “DBP is still treated as a startup, but I am seeing that our clients starting to have more confidence in us because of our existence and growth in the past 2 years.” He believes that creating a good customer experience for the customers is the key to success for every business.

The company has delivered multiple projects on multiple technologies successfully with good quality, which has increased DBP’s confidence with time. Ashish believes that the more the clients interact with the company, the more confidence they get about the company and its delivery capabilities.

Looking Forward to a Bright Future

DBP is a leading provider of end-to-end consulting and Salesforce implementation services. It enables businesses to turnaround their CRM strategy by integrating Salesforce capabilities. DBP has been specializing in CRM strategy, optimization, and deployment. The company is also listed amongst the Top 20 salesforce consultants in Singapore by MediaOne. 

The company aims to remain focused on the Omni-Channel Customer Experience Management Solutions and Services. It also aims to strengthen the solutions and service lines by adding more offerings.
“Currently we operate out of Singapore and India. Our priority at the moment is to make a move into the USA and UK market. We also aim to invest in product development in the future,” concludes, Ashish.


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