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Ming Huang, President, CTW Logistics Corporation

The logistics business plays a critical role in our global economy. Logistics service providers ensure the timely and safe delivery of countless diverse goods, products, raw materials, and items to all kinds of organizations as well as consumers. From the business perspective, it’s a huge and complex responsibility, especially due to increasing demands from the market. So, managing such a service can be incredibly challenging.

The top logistics brands succeed through effective leadership, efficient management, and the right technological support. One of the best examples of such a company in the Asia-Pacific is CTW Logistics Corporation (CTW), based in Taiwan. It is well-positioned in the market today, a proactive industry-leader and one of the nation’s oldest and trusted names in the industry.

Providing Highly Competent and Excellent Logistics Services

CTW’s industry-leading status today is the fruit of several decades of excellent professional performance. It was established in 1974 by its chairman Mr. John J. Huang, initially for only container transportation and trucking services. But as the nation’s economy improved, it pursued newer opportunities and expanded into third-party logistics (3PL) services.

Since then, CTW has been consistently developing its core competencies in vital logistics and supply chain services. It has also started serving newer industries covering semi-conductors, pharmaceutical, electrical, and internationally branded goods. Its service portfolio has grown, touching upon all the critical needs of modern supply chain management and logistics. These include customized IT, warehousing, transportation services, document archival, customs brokerage, cargo projects, reverse logistics as well as consulting services. Along with its core strengths, its systematic approach to solving challenges allows it to customize solutions for clients’ diverse needs.

CTW is one of the nation’s earliest brands to incorporate technology into its service delivery. Here are a few examples: It introduced air-suspension vehicles to better serve the semi-conductor industry. It incorporates an automated storage and retrieval system to improve operational efficiency. It employs ‘Logi-Intelligence’, a single platform to easily track and manage day-to-day operations concerning customers and vendors. It employs a 3D vision recognition picking system allowing robots and human beings to collaborate. It uses an order management system to better serve its e-commerce clients.

CTW has several achievements and recognitions thanks to its professional excellence. A few examples include: It set up Taiwan’s first licensed international logistics centre. It secured Taiwan’s first fire safety building certificate for warehouse. It gained Taiwan’s first international logistics centre specially for hazardous goods. It hosted the International Federation of Warehousing and Logistics Association convention in Taiwan in 2011.

Now, CTW is renowned as an integrated one-stop logistics service provider in the nation. With its island wide service delivery as well as transportation network, clients always receive cost-efficient and high-quality services. It’s renowned for secure, accurate, speedy, and affordable service, rooted in decades of hands-on and consistent service.

A Proactive Approach to Navigate Challenges and Opportunities

“We facilitate the advancement of the logistics industry through our innovative core competencies,” Mr. Ming Huang, CTW’s president, says. In addition to its vast experience, the company becomes more valuable by taking the initiative to modernize the industry. Thus far, it has been employing latest technological tools and advanced logistics techniques.  

As the logistics world becomes even more complex, players are adopting newer operation and production models. Moreover, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is another challenge. “The ongoing China-US trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic have made the world trading environment fast changing and unpredictable. Our customers face challenges to reconstruct their world production capability. They are keen to build up a sustainable supply chain to support their global strategy,” Mr. Ming updates.

While these challenges may restrict the industry, CTW sees an opportunity to grow. It is actively focusing on business continuity planning and has been maintaining communications throughout the pandemic. The company is collaborating with partners in South-East Asia to realize better services. CTW is also looking into improving its service capacity and efficiency through data analysis and newer tech tools.

Providing Holistic Support to Employees as well as Clients

Through its journey, CTW has learnt the cruciality of the human element in business. So, it values its employees deeply, nurturing their upskilling, motivating them to embrace technology and learn from their mistakes. In doing so, it has been steadily improving its overall service quality.

CTW practises an innovation-first, quality-first, and client-first approach because it is driven by a passion to solve clients’ challenges. Moreover, it treats clients as strategic partners, taking the time needed to understand pain points and offer solutions. This excellent professionalism has attracted the praise and appreciation from world-famous organizations.

Committed to the Modernization of the Logistics Industry

CTW aspires to be a world-class 3PL service provider as well as the top logistics partner for Taiwanese organizations. So, it has been observing ways to add value to the logistics ecosystem and thus far, it has been building a strategic alliance among suppliers, partners, and customers to form a value network.

CTW has been driven by the spirit of innovation for several years now. It understands that continuous improvement is crucial to effectively serve the evolving market demands. So, it has initiated a digital transformation process within its organization: streamlining critical processes, employing automation, and modernizing systems to manage e-commerce, online-to-offline retail clients, and new order fulfilment centres.

“Our future focus is to continue the digitalization process and utilize data to strengthen our service’s core value. Moreover, we are creating a sustainable three-way-win situation for customers, partners and CTW,” Mr. Ming concludes.


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