Social media trends in 2020


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Social media have become an indispensable piece of people’s lives and daily schedules. Some people are so dependent on it that the very first thing they do right after waking up is to check their news feeds via social media apps.

Given the significance of social media in the lives of shoppers, advertisers and organizations, run to the social platforms in the hope of connecting with their target clients or customers. However, there is a huge amount of content overloaded on social media, so the competition is exceptionally tough. It tends to be extremely difficult to stand out if you don’t have a transparent social media marketing strategy

Staying up to date on most recent social media trends can help you fuel your strategy and make you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, in this article, we have listed the recent social media trends that every business leader should be aware of for better productivity.

Instagram stories – Instagram stories are increasingly important for companies to “talk” with their target audience. In general, they receive more views than feed posts. The challenge is to produce stories that entertain and engage followers since that is precisely the role of stories. There are several ways to take advantage of them, including creating posts that redirect the user to the online store or even asking questions to understand the type of content or product your audience likes best. They serve as a channel for users to contact the company via Instagram. 

The ads in the stories are very visible and there are companies that explore super innovative campaigns. In 2020, tourism companies should pay attention to the new features of the stories and make the most of them communicate with their audience. But beware: the contents of the feed and stories on Instagram are increasingly professional, more elaborate and well designed. There are several design apps for creating beautiful posts.

Video as the main type of content – If YouTube is now the second search engine after Google, it is because it offers exclusively video content.    Did you know that in 2020, 80% of internet traffic will come from the video? What explains the success of this format? Captivating and entertaining, video is consumed everywhere and at any time. On PC, tablet or smartphone, in a playground, on public transport or comfortably seated on your sofa, clips, shows, and entertainment are popular! In addition, video is a real asset for your sales: before giving in to the purchase, 68% of consumers want to see the products or services presented in a video.

Twitter, the champion of social media apps – Unlike Instagram and Facebook, Twitter offers an exceptional organic reach provided you publish at the right time. Well written content, with an attractive visual, a tweet can go viral and allow a business to reach thousands of Internet users in a few hours. The advantage of the little blue bird is that it allows you to reach a large audience without spending a fortune. A healthy hand in a social media world where checking out becomes a habit. Do you think Twitter is dead? If the platform has experienced some setbacks and a slowdown in its growth, it has been experiencing renewed interest since the 1st quarter of 2019.

AR, VR & AI on the menu – The important thing to watch in 2020 will be the use of Augmented and Virtual Realities, and Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to the deployment of 5G, these three tools will move into another dimension. This technological advance will release the “hidden side” of these tools because their use will be extended and will no longer mainly affect entertainment. For Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, we can take as an example, the desire that the customer has to try a product before buying it. These tools will help and be very interesting to use on the products. AR will most often be used in stores, while VR will affect products online. Regarding Artificial Intelligence, it will be less seen as a threat to the jobs of marketers and communicators. Consequently, the automation of tasks will be progressing, in particular, the automation of social ads campaigns.

Location-based ads – Since virtually every traveler has a smartphone with GPS in their hands at all times, targeting ads by location is quite efficient, although it is not new. When people are in line for boarding or waiting for their suitcase to arrive on the conveyor belt, or even waiting for Uber on the way out of the airport, they use their cell phones as a hobby. And they are usually browsing social media. 

Thus, tourism companies, especially hotels, reception agencies, and restaurants, can take the opportunity to show a relevant ad to this potential customer or send a discount coupon.

Micro-influencers at the center of attraction – Finally, the coast of big influencers will take a hit. Experts believe that influencers with small or even very small communities bring together more engaged users. Big celebrities may have “fake” subscriber communities, so the engagement rate is not up to what brands are looking for. So, according to experts, the campaigns will be geared towards these micro-influencers.


These are some of the trends that will command the social media landscape in 2020 and beyond Influence; these trends to your potential benefit and remain in front of your rivals. Social media is a dynamic and focused space and these trends can assist you with acing your social media life. In this way, stays informed concerning the most recent advancements around these topics and utilize these for your social media initiatives.

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