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CM Grover, MD & CEO, IBSFINtech

IBSFINtech is an award-winning FinTech company that has established a leadership position in India covering the landscape of Cash & Liquidity, Risk, Treasury and Trade Finance Management space for the corporates. The company started as a Forex Treasury Management Solution provider and evolved to fill the gap in the industry and serve corporate clients with a comprehensive Risk Management Solution. 

In 2013, the company formally rolled out the product in the market with the Beta launch of their Fx Management Module and landed India’s leading media house, Times of India Group as their client. Times of India Group evaluated many other global service providers and selected IBSFINtech, proving to be the only solution provider that could deliver the requirements of the company. IBSFINtech was selected for implementing a robust Forex management solution for the company.

The Origin Story of IBSFINtech

The company was established by ex-Bankers named C M Grover (MD & CEO), T M Manjunath (ED & CTO), and S Sethuraman (Director) who have extensive hands-on experience as well as knowledge on the domain and technology.

During their stint with leading public sector banks in India, these technopreneurs identified a niche gap in the market leading to the birth of the company. With their experience in both finance as well as technology, the company grew fast from providing treasury to the leading media house of the country in the year 2013 till present, having 30th implementation serving to very large corporates & established brands across the country. 

The strong foundation of the company, owing to the past experiences of the Founders is one of the primary reasons why the company has been successful in gaining trust from its customers. Moreover, the trust originates from the demonstration of capabilities, which IBSFINtech has been consistently proving and has also demonstrated the true value-add of digitization and automation of the critical functions of Treasury & Trade Finance to the corporate. Having proven its credentials across prestigious clientele from diverse sectors such as automotive, retail, commodity trading, e-commerce, fertilizer manufacturing, steel manufacturing amongst others, the company has left no stone unturned to establish its position as the leader in this space. 

The product is designed to cater to the complicated requirements of the corporate as well as is highly configurable to adapt to the workflow of the business. With this the product in itself evolves and carries with it the best practices across different business verticals. Now, the corporate clients are seeking recommendations on Best Practices from IBSFINtech to modify and update their existing archaic processes. 

Mr. Grover says, “With a surge in the wave of automation and digitization among corporates, especially due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermaths on the global economy, corporates look at IBSFINtech as the only solution provider in this space with a comprehensive product offering which has the capabilities to empower corporates to manage and mitigate holistic risks faced by the corporates.”

Additionally, the product is highly scalable and is designed to address the requirements of a growing corporate. IBSFINtech’s solution is an all in one product for multi-currency, multi-location and multi-company and multi-asset class.

Exclusive Services, Solutions, and Products

IBSFINtech’s solution is a Comprehensive Risk Management Solution, empowering the corporate against Compliance, Financial and Operational Risk. The award-winning product portfolio offered by the company is a Comprehensive, Integrated and Innovative solution for Cash & Liquidity, Risk, Treasury, and Trade Finance Management. The solution enables the CxOs and Treasurers to enhance visibility, improve control, mitigate operational risk, drive automation and optimize business efficiency. The product portfolio of the company comprises of Innovative Treasury® 6i with exclusive modules for Currency, Hedge Accounting, Option Valuation, Commodity, and Money Market (Investment) and Innovative Trade Finance® 6i with exclusive modules for Import-Export & Banking Management, Borrowings, and Liquidity & Cash Management.

The solution offering of the company also includes extensive Analytics with Dashboards and MIS to empower the leadership of the corporate. The solution offers seamless integration with ERP and Market Data Providers It supports open banking; and has been the pioneer in leading the implementation of Paperless Vendor Bill Discounting, enabling end to end integration between the Corporate’s ERP and the Bank.

The company offers many unique solutions and services that are relevant today include a Comprehensive Risk Management Solution, empowering the Corporate to mitigate Compliance, Operational and Financial Risks.  The solution is highly modular and configurable to the requirements of the corporate. It enhances the business value by enabling corporates to take value accretive decisions on their financial and banking transactions.

Future Roadmap of IBSFINtech

The Company’s Founders are persistent and passionate, having a focused vision for the company to be one of the Top 3 players in the Treasury, Risk, and Trade Finance Management (TRTFMTM) solution space in the world. Driven towards the common vision, the entire company demonstrates the values of “a team on a mission”; working together towards achieving the same goal.

Mr. Grover asserts, “We believe, post COVID-19, the scenario will be entirely different. CxOs will enhance their focus on Digitization and Automation of the critical functions such as Treasury & Trade Finance, amongst other functions. Digitization and Automation are going to be the only way forward, to ensure better control, visibility and transparency of the exposure to various risks, including but not limited to, Compliance Risk, Financial Risk and Operational Risk.”

Driving the transformation in Cash & Liquidity, Treasury, Risk and Trade Finance management, IBSFINtech is empowering the corporate treasury with a highly intelligent decision support system.  Being a technology company, IBSFINtech is at the forefront of technology adoption to enhance the existing product portfolio. AI, ML, RPA are the flavor of today, and the company is already investing resources in this direction to stay ahead of the curve.  IBSFINtech is also launching a SaaS-based Treasury management solution, very soon, which will cater to Medium and Emerging corporates of the globe.


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