Social media marketing strategies in the wake of Covid-19


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Times are difficult – there is no exaggeration in saying that we are facing an unprecedented experience. People are getting sick; the global economy is going into recession. And, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is still a long way to go. So, being a business leader, you must be asking yourself, “How can I focus on my brand when all of this is happening in the world?” Well, this moment is indeed more crucial than ever. However, marketing professionals need to put their consumers at the center, paying attention to their concerns regarding the crisis.

Of course, it is a painful test, but it is temporary. Ultimately, your customers will need you again, and you will have to report on how you managed this tough situation. Thus, the decision should be taken now. This is the time to gain the trust of your customers and show that you care about them. Even when they don’t buy your products or services, your customers should feel that you are always there for them. And, to this social media marketing has proven to be a valuable tool to keep their customers informed during this blackout period.

Why social media marketing is important during Covid-19

Let’s take a look at some data.

According to eMarketer, Facebook saw a 70% increase in the use of all its apps in March. People who are in home isolation are using social media apps more for entertainment and quick access to the latest information. Many marketers are cutting-off the marketing costs thinking that marketing is limited during confinement. But, some business leaders have a different way of looking at it. They are using methods such as email marketing and social media marketing to engage their customers and continue building a brand online.

Remember, people, turn to different channels for different content. For instance, TikTok and Snapchat are sources of fun. And, during this confinement period, South Korea saw a 47% increase users in Snapchat.

These are just some of the data to clarify – how this is an advantageous period for marketing professionals to double on social media and build relationships with new and existing customers.  Now, more than ever, brands need to focus more on their marketing strategies, including social media. A good social media marketing strategy will help you adjust your positioning today so that you can reappear healthier and more profitable tomorrow. 

How marketers should adopt social media strategies during Crisis

While it may seem like a challenging time to market your business, it is important to maintain the connections you have with your audience online. Doing so will give your company a strong position when the situation gets normal. Likewise, if you can exchange any capacity during that time, social media will provide an excellent way to communicate the message to your audience.

We understand that you may not be sure how to browse social media and manage your online presence in the current circumstances, so we’ve put together our best tips to help you in the coming weeks and months.

Adjust your schedule – At the start of the year, when the business was booming, you had a marketing campaign calendar or a content publishing calendar. While these initiatives are likely to be very creative and relevant to your brand, you need to adapt quickly to the new context. This means you have to review your planning and make the necessary adjustments. You cannot continue to distribute content as if nothing has happened. At best, you would look to the west. At worst, you would offend and upset your audience. Check your entire social media marketing, promotion, and advertising calendar carefully for the next three months. Decide what you should stop or rotate. Some campaigns need to be removed entirely at present.

Use Instagram and Instagram stories – Instagram is introducing new ways to support businesses. They have added new features on Instagram to help you stay connected with your community. You can now share links, or offer a “Meal Order”, “Gift Card” sticker, or add a “Gift Card” or “Donate” button to your Instagram profile and share it with your local community. So, that people can take action when they come to learn about your business. With these activities, your business will be able to serve their communities and garner support during this challenging time.

Update your Facebook information page – In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, inform your customers about your temporary service change and also update this information on the Facebook page. Now, companies can change the way they used to operate. For instance, fitness studios can offer virtual classes, or restaurants can offer delivery instead of on-site meal service. Recently, Facebook has released news to inform followers of a page about how a company or business is doing. You can learn those from the internet and keep your Facebook followers/likes up to date.

Advertise your products and services on Facebook and Instagram – This is an essential way to expand your reach through social platforms. Today, Facebook and Instagram hold a lot of information about their users.  Thus, sell your products and services by targeting the people most likely to become your customers in your region and earn profit from them. Besides, you can also allow people to buy directly on Facebook by adding a Store section to the Facebook page.  You can use this section to list the products you are selling and eventually connect with more customers on Facebook. 

Wrapping Up

This pandemic will be one more moment in history, but brands will be remembered for how they supported their customers in the time of need. Now is the time to spend more time serving, caring, and offering support through your marketing practices. Do that, and growth will continue, not just today, but in the long term.


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