How Procrastination Makes You Super Productive?


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How often do you update your resume and search for a new company? 

You already know its time to move on from the current working firm. You are not feeling challenged in the employee position and realizing this inefficient working status would degrade your competence and will be a threat to your promising career. Besides, you used to read articles on ‘Should I quit my job?’ Even if the answer is always resounding ‘yes,’ still you wait for someone or something to update your resume and send it to regarding organizations.

This is one of the many examples of how we practice procrastination in everyday life. 

We always conceive procrastination as a bad habit that claims many loses in our personal and professional life. However, studies reveal that the urge to procrastinate is normal, and it can boost your productivity. 

Here are some reasons that reveal how you can take procrastination for your advantage by improving productivity.

By making better decisions

The core concept of procrastination lays where we urge to put off actions or make decisions at the eleventh hour. So procrastinating before decision making always provides the much-required time for you to come up with the most suitable solution. This delay in action assists you to avoid making hasty choices such as —jumping into the conclusion, eliminating essential components, and adopting unnecessary strategies. Thus, by the deadline is here, you would get an accurate picture of how to deal with the situation and a thorough understanding of its pros and cons. 

Another occasion where procrastination benefits you on decision making is achieving resolutions, especially at the beginning of a year. We tend to go balls to the wall with a lofty pronouncement about what we are supposed to act in the next 365days. However, we cannot achieve most of our goals within that year, and we get disappointed. Thus, it is seemingly better to procrastinate a few decisions for the next three or four years instead of acting everything in the same year. It can easily guide you to achieve each of your resolutions. 

By planning creative strategies 

Psychology Today explains that despite you are procrastinating consciously; your unconscious mind will certainly seek several strategies to get the task accomplished. It naturally gathers a different combination of ideas to execute an easier way for the brilliant performance of the task. 

  • In addition, procrastination helps you to be well prepared for the action by setting realistic goals prior to its execution. For example, if you have the money to open a grocery store in the city center within a few months, your mind will create the best ideas to make it a great success. It would unconsciously set some realistic goals like: 
  • My new business venture is impervious and novel
  • I should scale back expenses to get one year of living expense in the bank account
  • Find affordable and good-rated institutions to obtain immediate services (e.g., hospital)
  • These actionable suggestions enable you to keep on track towards your goals by confronting issues ahead. 

Your brain becomes more efficient

When the deadline is nearby, you start working on a treadmill like there is no tomorrow to procrastinate your task. At that time, you naturally become aware of the time limit and get extremely focused on the work. Then your brain functions at its high capacity by utilizing all the information gathered. This quick action makes your brain more efficient, and this naturally will guide you to come out with a good output.  

Supporting this statement, philosopher Perry once stated that throughout history, all big thinkers have been procrastinators. “If you go back through the history of human culture, and take away every invention that was made by someone who was supposed to be doing something else, I’m willing to bet there wouldn’t be a lot left,” writes him.


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