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In life, we sometimes get so fixated on the end goal that we failed to focus on the everyday activities that will lead us towards that goal.

This is true in building a successful brand as it is in life. Most businesses rightfully start with a mission, but they can’t realize that unless they are consistently fulfilling the small promises at every stage of its journey.

It is the small things that matter; that constitute the big things; that lead to fulfilling the grand mission. This is at the core of SML’s success. The company believes that it is the small things that make big differences. Ignatius K.C. Lau, Vice Chairman and CEO of SML, says, “The success of our business has been the testimony to our belief that small things can make big differences.” That has been the reason why the company became a leading branding and business solutions partner for brands worldwide.

With the mentality of ‘small thing matters’ engrained in every employee, SML is enabling brands, particularly in  retail and manufacturing, to tell a unique brand story through our labeling and packaging services and inventory management solution. Mr. Lau rightfully points out, “From our core traditional products to enterprise-class inventory management platform, Clarity®, each contributes to hold a unique brand story.” He adds, “For more than 30 years we have been helping brands tell those stories, and we continue this proud legacy by perfecting every detail.” Based in Hong Kong, the company helps brands to work smarter and improve their service quality and strengthen their image by providing them innovativetechnology solutions and unmatched customer service.

From 10 Staff to a Global Company

Founded by Dr. Simon Suen in 1985, SML Group started as a labeling company at a small warehouse office in Hong Kong with only 10 staff. To keep up with the retail industry’s drastic shift to digital transformation, SML commenced its major investment in RFID solutions starting in 2010. Almost a decade later, SML has now become a leading full-service RFID solution provider which is present in over 30 countries.

As a global company with an increasingly range of products and services, SML has become a trusted name globally enabling customers to protect their brand equity and improve their logistic and supply chain management. Mr. Lau says, “From a small labeling manufacturer to now a global branding solutions provider, we pride ourselves in always delivering best-in-class solutions with speed, flexibility, integrity and innovation.”

Providing Best-in-Class RFID Solution

Currently the company is operating the largest network of RFID tag services bureaus active in 20 countries, offering a broad spectrum of certified RFID-enabled labels, tags, stickers and inlays. Clarity® is the company’s enterprise-class inventory management platform that provides best-in-class features and functionality for RFID deployment in retail store operations and throughout the retail supply chain. So far the company has successfully delivered RFID to some of the world’s leading retailers and fashion brands including Uniqlo, Tesco, and M&S. In 2017, SML produced over 1.4 billion encoded RFID tags which were delivered to over 95% of the retail RFID rollout projects around the world.

Driven by Passion and Providing Personal Service

Although the company has expanded globally with increasing market opportunities, its business approach of customer first, personal service and its solution-driven passion remain unchanged. Mr. Lau says, “Our global network of capability and talent is more powerful than ever, yet our core values have not changed a bit.” That approach allows the company to be responsive to the needs of the customers across a variety of industries and markets.  This customer-centric service has been a primary reason why SML is trusted by its global clients. Mr. Lau says, “Our promise remains the same as it always has been—to always do the right thing for our customers.” He adds, “We continue to carry the same solution-driven passion to be the best in what we do, and together, we strive for perfection every step of the way.”

Expansion with Sustainability in Mind

When asked about the future of the company, Mr. Lau says, “We will continue to leverage our leadership in the new era in retailing, Retail 3.0, to deliver RFID to retailers around the globe.”  The company is also focused to expand to a broader market and is expected to double the capacity every two years. Mr. Lau says, “We will also continue to expand our retail-oriented RFID solutions through ongoing innovations to respond to the fast-changing landscape of retail.”

However, service expansion is not only the sole focus. The company is actively working to ensure sustainable development for the future—in the form of offering a wide range of sustainable materials, reducing waste and improving logistic and sourcing.


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