Australia’s new Future Hub to Accelerate Blockchain Adoption and Implementation


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Sydney, 11 July 2018. Australian technology innovator Lakeba Group today launched the Lakeba Future Hub, a consortium of leading technology, law, taxation and educational firms, with a focus on accelerating blockchain adoption and development by Australian businesses.

Recognised for being one of the first technology companies in Australia to have live commercial blockchain pilots across multiple sectors, Lakeba will work with leading partners Microsoft, IBM, Macquarie University, cryptocurrency and blockchain legal expert Piper Alderman, and taxation expert Grant Thornton, to help businesses navigate the pathway for implementing blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. New partners relevant to the vision of the Future Hub will continue to be added as the consortium grows in scope and footprint.

“All our partners involved will benefit in shared knowledge, and in having expert partners on tap to help their own customers in the development and implementation of blockchain and other emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, AI and Quantum Computing. Ultimately, we want to drive an entrepreneurial mindset for Australian businesses and strengthen enterprise level innovation in this market,” said Giuseppe Porcelli, CEO and Founder of Lakeba Group.

“Lakeba is one of the first to have commercialised a range of blockchain solutions as a result of recent strategic partnerships across a number of industries including energy, education, resources, banking, and professional services groups. The accelerated investment in the development of blockchain solutions by our customers, is evidence of the fast-growing demand and confidence of business leaders for this emerging technology,” said Giuseppe.

The Lakeba Future Hub was launched last night in Sydney, in front of 140 guests with presentations and strong support from some of the early Future Hub partners Microsoft, Piper Alderman, Macquarie University and the GACIC.

“It was gratifying to see the level of interest from Australian companies who have long wanted to take the blockchain journey, however hadn’t the confidence of doing so for lack of knowledge and awareness of the blockchain expertise available in this market. Lakeba’s Future Hub brings together a fully-fledged 360 degree service for every aspect related to the development and commercialisation of blockchain solutions,” said Darren Younger, Chief Growth Officer for Lakeba, and newly appointed Head of The Future Hub.

“As a Future Hub partner, Microsoft has the ability to help connect and collaborate to accelerate the digital transformation and success of customers. The Lakeba Future Hub is a good example of an ecosystem for businesses to commence their journey into the emerging technology sphere,” said Anita Sood, ISV and Next Generation Partnerships Lead, Microsoft Australia.

“The interest from those attending from important areas of industry, offers the strongest indicator of the interest and desire by Australian businesses to accelerate the level of innovation being applied in their businesses. Lakeba’s Future Hub offers both vision and confidence for industry and government and Piper Alderman is delighted to be part of this early consortium to spearhead adoption of emerging technologies such as Blockchain,” said Michael Bacina, Partner, Piper Alderman.

About Lakeba Group

Established in 2013, Lakeba Group is a future-focused technology firm with an innovative business platform for creating, building and scaling disruptive, digital solutions. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the Lakeba Group has a global team of over 150 people with international offices in Italy, India, USA and UK. The Lakeba Group identifies opportunities and solves problems with scalable platforms that are rapidly commercialised to transform industries globally.


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