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Sim Moore, Principal, Sim & Co Legal Services

Being a change-maker in the business world is no cakewalk. Not many have the courage to break the norm and follow the unconventional path to bring disruptive change in the industry they serve for the overall growth of society. But true leaders don’tjust follow the herd and accept things the way they are. They go against the grain and strive to make changes for the better. Sim Moore is one such admirable leader who is creating a difference in the world of law with his unique approach, evolutionary perspective, and pioneering boutique law firm,Sim & Co Legal Services.

It all started when Sim sensed a need to disrupt the status quo in the legal consultation sector. Sim was consistently rejected by the various firms around town for various reasons; however, the common thread was that he simply had a different view on things. He realized that with economic realities and geo-political forces at play at the Asia-Pacific regional level, globally and in Australia, there is an oppressive air to any form of unconventional thought in the legal consultation sector. He was compelled to take a particular line or approach with which he did not necessarily agree. After years of being effectively shunted around the legal services industry, Sim finally decided to start his own venture to change the scenario.

As a result, Sim & Co Legal Services was born. The professional determined and passionate law firm holds expertise in simple and complex Criminal Law and Traffic Law, Family Law, and Disputes and Litigation matters with offices located on the North Shore in St Ives as well as in Western Sydney in Blacktown and Sydney CBD.Sim was nominated as a Finalist in the category of Family Law Peacemaker of the Year in the year, 2021 and is again, in 2022, a nominee in the Dispute Resolution Centre Australia’s Peacemaker Awards for excellence in alternative dispute resolution and corroborative practice. In litigious matters, Sim acts with a vigorous but objective determination to present the court with what he believes is the best case available to the clients. Under the indomitable leadership of Sim, Sim & Co Legal Serviceshas evolved and increased at an exponential rate over the years. Though it had to face several impediments and challenges along the way, it managed to work through the challenges and expand and reach an increasingly diverse client base.

Offering Considered Legal Advice and Representation

With Sim & Co Legal Services, Sim strives to ensure that all clients receive considered legal advice and representation that is appropriate, having regard to their circumstances, the facts of their case, and the relevant law.“We resist the status quo. If I am told that an objective, goal, or task cannot be achieved – if the odds do not favor the outcome or the objective pursued – then this typically motivates me to strive to find a solution. It may be from a little leftfield, so to speak, but I am comfortable occupying a space that may be considered unorthodox or in opposition to established norms,” affirms Sim.

“This is not to say that we do not adopt an orthodox or conventional approach when appropriate. However, we are happy to pursue objectives that others may perceive to be unrealistic or unattainable: to advocate for what is considered by many to be a “lost cause”. However, this has come with a cost in many ways,” he adds.

Sim’s Take on the Current Legal Landscape

Looking at the currentlegal landscape, Sim is concerned that there is a great dependence on technology, and whilst technology is useful in some respects, it is also plagued with danger and problems. “Big-tech companies are almost becoming the arbiters and adjudicators of fact. Privacy is all but unheard of. Intellectual property rights are dwindled away by oppressive end-user agreements and distribution channels that leave those who conceive, create and produce work at the behest of content providers. The personal touch is being lost,” elucidates Sim. The avid leader believes technology also offers significant advantages, but only when it is not opportunistically invaded and exploited.

Trailing towards the Successful Future

Advancing into the future, Sim aspires to see Sim & Co Legal Services advising in practice areas with which he has a particular affinity and fondness such as ASEAN member-state cooperation and effective regional determination and cooperation in terms of both economic and legal integration and direction. Throughits existing clientele, the firm is now moving to an international client base in practice areas including Family Law. Thus, it intends to further expand its reach to practice areas including consultancy in economic and strategic policy and risk management – including in the sphere of geo-political risks – and advising and acting on questions put to the International Court of Justice in respect of the Law of the Sea. “Our passion is to advocate for those who, presently, experience vulnerability and to be instrumental in bringing strength and equality through the proper and considered application of the wisdom inherent in law and in equity”, concludes Sim.


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