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Manish Asani, Chief Technology Officer, ProKorp

Mandy Ong Bee Geok, Chief Commercial Officer,ProKorp

Corporate secretarial firms help ease the administrative burdens of a company while ensuring that it meets its compliance and reporting requirements. However, with costly paper-intensive processes, data stored across multiple platforms, and time-consuming manual work, it becomes daunting for the firms to manage the administrative and statutory compliance responsibilities. Thus, they need a reliable automated system that will help them relieve these day-to-day hassles. When ProKorp, a leading technology solution provider identified this growing need for easy-to-use digital corporate secretarial solutions in Singapore, it developed an AI-powered corporate compliance software to help the firms manage all their corporate secretarial needs on one digital platform.  ProKorp’s convenient and compliant digital platform automates and streamlines the manual mundane routines of corporate secretarial firms so that they can focus on growing their business. 

“Since its inception, ProKorp has helped many firms in creating seamless workflow processes and reducing time-consuming tasks. Through this journey, our team efforts for ProKorp have been recognized and we were honored to be the winning recipient of the Singapore SME Digital Leap Awards in 2019 by UOB,” says Manish Asani, the CTO at ProKorp.

Streamlining the Entire Corporate Workflow through AI

ProKorp offers an efficient corporate secretarial compliance platform that enables companies to run a paperless business on a single digital platform. Harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence, the software streamlines the entire workflow process using eight different modules, which include: ProKorp Secretary, AutoDoc, Tickets, Billing, HR, Due Diligence, Analytics, and Immigration functions. 

Its ProKorp Secretary module includes a secured and simplified corporate secretarial task management system with a secured database and email integration that can extract information from ACRA, Singapore’s company regulator, anytime anywhere. The ProKorp tickets provide email integration and client support and the AutoDoc module can create a complete statutory set of documents in one click while securely storing all the company and client documents. ProKorp immigration is another critical module that tracks and monitors work pass applications, expiry, and renewal statuses easily. Its Billing module helps in sending invoices and monitoring collections while ProKorp HR enables companies to manage payrolls and employee leaves. With ProKorp Analytics and Due Diligence, firms can exclusively generate accurate financial reports and conduct real-time diligence on clients after scanning large databases.

All these modules provide users the ultimate convenience of managing their business in one tracking system along with the added advantage of boosting maximum efficiency, reducing paperwork, and eliminating compliance risks.

“The system has been built by practitioners, for practitioners. This makes its usability and intrinsic functionality highly focused. Keeping that in mind, we have embedded AI and machine learning in the software’s business logic, and in most of its process flows,” explains Manish.

Along with certain key validation structures, the software then anticipates a user’s operability, thereby offering prompts and suggestions. This not only helps in a smooth operational workflow but also greatly minimizes common errors and chances of missing out things. ProKorp is conveniently integrated with government APIs and google special for KYC as due diligence plays the most important role in corporate secretarial firms.

Creating a Difference through Customer-Centric Approach

Apart from its comprehensive packages that are designed for businesses of all sizes, what differentiates ProKorp from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to offering consistent and ongoing support to each and every client. 

“ProKorp was purely developed from years of learning and understanding the pain-points our clients were facing and now being able to provide them with an array of solutions in just one platform that helps them gain an upper hand in doing business and this is something that we truly value,” asserts Manish.

Staying up to date with regulatory changes, the company keeps enhancing its software to suit their clients’ changing needs. Its smarter and user-friendly modules are designed to ensure maximum business benefits to its clients.

“ProKorp’s ability to stand tall as a strong player in the tech field stems from our sole mission to provide reliable, viable, and seamless experiences to our clients. Through these years of growth, our people-centric approach and embracing of relationships remain the number one priority that we believe our clients find most valuable,” states Manish.

Aims To Further Enhance Its Platform

Moving towards the new normal, the company is currently working on digitalization to come up with better technological solutions that will serve better purposes to its clients. It aims to leverage its ability and adapt to the changes to stay relevant in the industry in the future through continuous innovation. Meanwhile, it is also looking forward to expanding its reach and spread out globally while staying true to its principles of delivering the best value to its customers. 

“We hope to expand ProKorp regionally and develop more features to meet the latest needs of other countries as well,” concludes Manish.

Visit to learn more about the product.


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