PT ENERGY LOGISTICS: A Leading Logistics Service Provider Empowering Businesses


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Antonio El Baty, Managing Director, PT ENERGY LOGISTICS

Today, the globalization of markets has brought the world’s businesses closer than ever before. With COVID-19 posing grave challenges for businesses, many organizations experienced vulnerabilities related to their workforce, significant fluctuations in product demand, and heavy supply chain disruption from the affected areas. Consumers all over the world are demanding greater varieties of products at cheaper costs and companies are struggling to support their supply chains while fulfilling customer needs.

Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, PT ENERGY LOGISTICS is a freight forwarding company specializing in providing logistics and marine services to companies from the Oil & Gas, Mining, and dredging industries. The company was originally founded as PT C&P Logistics in 2002 and was renamed PT ENERGY LOGISTICS in 2009. PT Energy is also involved in heavy lift and project forwarding, locally and internationally.

Antonio El Baty, Managing Director of the Company says, “Our vision is to be recognized and acknowledged as a genuine specialist in providing integrated and personalized logistics solutions to our clients. Our slogan is ‘Moving Ahead with You’ and we aim to be our clients’ partners and grow with them.”

The law-abiding company has a proven track record of excellence and continues to demonstrate total commitment to achieving high levels of services, sometimes in difficult environments.

Delivering Myriad of Services

PT Energy’s footprint in Indonesia is proven to cover almost every area with more than 10 main branches and 29 registered licenses and provides seamless logistics and agency support to client projects. The company is also licensed and experienced to handle customs brokerage, import formalities, and clearance for both offshore and onshore sectors, and has all kinds of import/export permits in Indonesia.

Presently, PT Energy has over 293 dedicated and hardworking employees with a wide experience and knowledge in the field. The company provides a wide range of services including air, sea, land, and multimodal transport, warehousing in some locations, Project cargo, chartering, packing, and expediting. It also provides customs clearance brokerage, International and Domestic Freight Forwarding, Shipping agencies and related services, warehousing, and handling services.

Customs Clearance Brokerage – The Company has strong expertise in Indonesian Customs laws and regulations and has its own Customs Brokers (PPJK holders) in all locations. It also has its own EDI connection with the Indonesian Customs departments and constantly updates its clients with the latest Customs regulations.

International and Domestic Freight Forwarding – The Company provides air, sea, land, and multimodal transportation where its services include port-to-port, door-to-door by air freight, and sea freight services. It also provides chartering services on a full or part charter basis for all types of vessels. In addition, PT Energy has its own fleet of trucks with more than 60 units in Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Jakarta.

Project Cargo – PT Energy has excellent records of success in managing various large-scale logistics projects in a wide range of industrial sectors including oil and gas, construction, and mining. The company takes charge of the client’s goods from ex-works until delivery at the location. It has the expertise to overcome geographic challenges and complex operating scenarios and most of the time under tight schedule constraints.

Shipping Agency and Related Services – The Company also offers comprehensive shipping agency services to the offshore and dredging industries through the sister company, ‘PT Energy Marine Indonesia.’

PT Energy Logistics holds certificates for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 45001:2018 Safety Management System and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, Cyanide transportation certificate, Trace anti-bribery certificate, and many more.

Navigating through Change

Over the years, PT Energy Logistics has received a positive response from its clients. As the world faces a wide range of serious social issues such as climate change and COVID-19, the state of society and people’s lifestyle has also changed and has greatly affected all industries. Amid this situation, the company navigated through the reinforcement of its dedicated QHSE department and Human resources to cope and adapt to the situation while performing and delivering services with the minimum impact possible. “Thanks to our hardworking, committed, and safety-minded team who directly contributed during such tough times. We will move forward, shaping the future, and staying ahead.” asserts, Antonio.

Growing with Clients

PT Energy Logistics holds a large profile of multinational companies that are leading in the industries of Oil & Gas, Mining, and Dredging. “We believe that our customer’s success is ours and we refer to our mission, which is to help our customers seamlessly develop their business by taking care of all their logistics needs and letting them concentrate on their core activities,” shares Antonio.

PT Energy logistics values equal opportunities, and continuous engagement, and has an open-door policy. It continuously encourages its employees’ contribution to analyzing and improving the business status which leads to more participation and develops teamwork. 

Envisioning Success

PT Energy Logistics aims to continuously seek to maintain and expand its wide footprint in the industry to be the top-performing solution provider in Indonesia. “We consistently focus and believe that continuing to create value is needed by promoting new services and working towards exceeding expectations in line with the applicable rules and enhancement of corporate value,” concludes Antonio.


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