Silicon Craft Technology: On A Mission to Shape the World of Secured Connected Devices with Innovation & Intelligence


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Dr Bodin Kasemset, CEO, Silicon Craft Technology

Known as the lifeblood of modern electronics, semiconductors have brought a whole new level of evolution in digital technology. From the powerful processors that drive our devices to the intricate system that securely store and communicate essential information, semiconductors form the very essence of our interconnected world. Over the past few decades, semiconductors have emerged as an indispensable component across all industries. From factories to fashion, automotive to agriculture and from our workspaces to our kitchens, semiconductors have permeated every facet of our lives, empowering us with unprecedented control and convenience.

As the demand for connectivity continues to soar, the importance of semiconductors and their continuous innovation becomes increasingly critical. Recognizing the immense potential of these tiny but mighty devices, Silicon Craft Technology Public Company Limited(SIC), Thailand’s pioneering and only privately-held Thai semiconductor design company, has emerged as a frontrunner in supporting the global expansion of the semiconductor industry.

SIC came into existence in 2002 as a result of a remarkable collaboration between Thailand’s skilled researchers and electronics engineering specialists with support from the esteemed National Science and Technology Development Agency. With its expertise and support from the public sector, the Company became a trailblazer, proudly claiming the title of Thailand’s first and only listed semiconductor fabless company proficient in designing and developing microchips for a wide range of applications, notably radio frequency identification (RFID) animal identification, immobilizers, access control, and microchips integrated with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Having proven its mettle in the industry, SIC made a strategic move in 2020, opting to list its shares and commence trading on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) at The Stock Exchange of Thailand. This bold decision aimed to facilitate sustained growth and long-term prosperity for the company. Now, entering its 21st year of operation, SIC stands resolute, fortified by stability and strength. The resounding success of this forward-thinking enterprise is evidenced by its exceptional financial performance. In 2022 alone, the company recorded a remarkable total revenue surpassing 601 million baht, reflecting a remarkable twofold increase in a mere two and a half years after listing the company on mai.

Delivering Transformative Solutions To A Diverse Range Of Industries

Silicon Craft Technology has been consistently engaged in research and development to expand the capabilities of its microchips for use with RFID devices across various formats and applications. Its expertise lies in four distinct categories, each catering to specific needs and applications. In the realm of animal identification, SIC’s RFID solutions provide invaluable data recording capabilities for livestock, ensuring food traceability and enhancing overall safety. Meanwhile, its Universal immobilizer system offers enhanced vehicle security by encrypting and decrypting data transmissions, safeguarding automobiles from unauthorized access and potential theft. Moreover, in the field of Industrial IoT, SIC’s RFID systems bring about remarkable benefits to industrial processes, including increased safety through access control systems and streamlined factory management with automation solutions. Finally, its NFC and sensor interface microchips enable multifunctional applications such as anti-counterfeit solutions and the measurement of a wide array of parameters through smart sensors. With such a diverse range of applications, Silicon Craft Technology continues to push the boundaries of RFID technology, revolutionizing industries worldwide. 

The Pillars of Excellence

With over two decades of industry experience in designing and developing RFID ICs, Silicon Craft Technology has the ability to custom design solutions that precisely meet customer requirements in terms of technology, form, and functionality. “We also aim for best-in-class performance and high-quality products with exceptional technical support for our customers. This has been proven by the products in the market and the feedback from our customers,” opines Dr Bodin Kasemset, the CEO of Silicon Craft Technology.

One of SIC’s primary areas of expertise is wireless communication technology. The company has in-depth knowledge not only in microchip technologies using RFID, NFC, and other wireless technologies but also in security protocols to encrypt and protect valuable data and information. Another notable aspect of their offerings is their specialization in battery-less products, achieved through innovative energy harvesting technologies. By reducing reliance on batteries, the company not only delivers cost-effective and sustainable solutions but also contributes to environmental preservation. Additionally, what further sets SIC apart is its self-reliance.“Our engineers create our own tools and equipment which enables abilities to design, verify and develop our products with high quality and good manufacturability,” elucidates  Dr Bodin.

Cultivating A Vibrant And Empowering Organizational Culture

Besides its innovative technology, Silicon Craft Technology is renowned for its vibrant and empowering organizational culture that fuels creativity and collaboration. At the heart of this culture lies an unwavering commitment to open communication and the free flow of ideas, creating an environment where all employees are encouraged to express their thoughts and opinions. The company regularly organizes interactive events such as group workshops and brainstorming sessions, providing platforms for employees to actively participate in shaping the future of technology, product roadmaps, and customer-centric solution. It has also implemented robust business processes to inspire and motivate employees to drive innovation in product performance, cost efficiency, and overall business process optimization as well as to generate new trade secrets, patents, application concepts, and so on. “By doing so, we are collaborating closely with our partners, namely global research institutes, renowned universities, governmental sectors, standard bodies, our supply partners, and most importantly our customers,” adds Dr Bodin.

Placing Customers at the Forefront

Silicon Craft Technology is driven by an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction that is deeply woven into its corporate ideology. Going beyond mere words, the company takes proactive measures to evaluate customer satisfaction on an annual basis, gaining valuable insights into customer needs and continually improving its offerings. This unwavering commitment to placing customers at the heart of its operations permeates every facet of the company’s business processes, resulting in an unparalleled level of client-focused excellence. “Our customers highly value our products for their exceptional performance, outstanding quality, and reliability. Moreover, our agility in providing timely and effective technical service and support for a wide range of customer applications and our capability in fixing customer problems anchors our commitment to being an excellent value-creating partner to our customers,” asserts Dr Bodin.

Beyond product excellence, the company goes the extra mile to drive its customers’ success by actively supporting and participating in their new business initiatives and roadmap development. By fostering early engagement with customers’ plans through regular business and technology update sessions, Silicon Craft ensures customer satisfaction, cultivating strong, long-term partnerships built on mutual success.

Unlocking Synergies and Exploring New Markets

Looking towards the future, Silicon Craft envisions a path of substantial growth and expansion, anchored in strategic initiatives and a forward-looking mindset. In the short term, the company aims to further strengthen its position by focusing on key product groups, including Animal ID, Immobilizer, and Industrial IoT. By capitalizing on the success and expertise gained in these areas, the company aims to seize new growth prospects, ranging from next-generation products within those applications to tailor-made solutions derived from innovative business projects.

Looking forward to the longer term, Silicon Craft Technology has been focusing on research and development to create new products and revenue streams through the NFC group. Concurrently, the company has prioritized its R&D efforts to explore novel applications and microchip technologies aligned with the megatrends in technologies and application use cases. In addition to internal growth strategies, the company actively seeks collaborative opportunities with strategic partners to unlock synergies and tap into new market avenues. These collective efforts solidify Silicon Craft Technology’s commitment to continuous innovation, positioning the company as a prominent leader in the semiconductor industry.


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