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Ms. Deanne Baptista, Director, Ratsense

The Risks of Uncontrolled Rats Population and Activities

Many a time, we have come across instances where the thing that we least care turns out to have a far greater impact in our lives. This is the case with rodents control and management. People don’t often discuss the issues with rodents as anything significant. But when we look into the details, the risk of uncontrolled rodents population and activities is high—they spread numbers of diseases; they destroy crops; they damage buildings, electric circuits, and drainage systems. All these have a massive impact on a nation in many ways. When we take all the problems into account, the need to take effective action becomes very evident. This is the reason why some of the developed countries are taking steps in implementing policies to solve the problems.

For example, with the belief that the nation could be in a much better position if all marsupial and mammalian introduced predators are eradicated, New Zealand is implementing a project called Predator Free 2050 that aims to terminate all the predators in the country by 2050. Many have raised concerns over such an aggressive measure. In contrast to that, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 of Victoria, Australia protects the welfare of all animals, including rats and mice. So, we see many debates among policymakers concerning the implantation of appropriate policies. Regardless, the issue needs to be addressed.

One technology system that we find very relevant in addressing this big issue is RATSENSE—Rats Control and Rodents Management System.  With more discussions, we can expect a more stringent inspection of the increasing measures that are being implemented. So data management for rodents control will become more relevant not only for their effective termination but also for consistent control over the problems, as well as for compliance purposes with the governments. And this is what RATSENSE is built to do.

A Highly Advanced Purpose-Built System for Rats Control and Management

Developed by Cre8tec Pte Ltd, and incorporated in 2013, RATSENSE is the first highly advanced purpose-built technology system for rats control and management. In Singapore, many building owners, F&B Chains and Franchises are extensively utilizing RATSENSE to effectively manage rodents. Other countries such as Australia and France are also adopting the technology.

Ms. Deanne Baptista, the Director of RATSENSE, recalls the initial stage as very challenging because of the lesser awareness on the concept of risk management for rodents as well as on the scale of the issue itself. But as more political leaders weighing in on the importance of effective solutions, the company is in a much better position to reach out to a much wider audience. She says, “When we started, the market was not matured enough to readily accept us, but now that mindset is changing.”

RATSENSE is addressing the issue in a much more holistic manner than legacy methods. The problem with traditional methods is that they focus only on catching. A long term monitor and control was not there. RATSENSE stands out as a very comprehensive system that can provide trapping solutions, behavior analysis, damage control and long term monitoring of the issue. RATSENSE traces the general population of rodents, tracks their activities, identifies hotspots, and based on the comprehensive data, it implements effective management programs.

RATSENSE Calls for Collaboration

The issue needs to be addressed not as problems of the individuals, but as a public concern. For instance, for a city to get rid of the problems, every household, business owner, apartment building, urban management agency has to cooperate and support each other. For that RATSENSE calls for a stronger collaboration among all facing the problems.  At the micro level, people need to have a better understanding of implementing effective technology solutions. This is the reason why RATSENSE provides a thorough education to its partners. Ms. Deanne says “RATSENSE as a solution is not simply trading a product. The solution requires good partnering and we ensure that our partners get the right training and support from us.”

Future Focus: Continuous Enhancement and Expansion

In today’s fast-paced technology world, any product can become obsolete quickly. Evolution and continuous enhancement is a necessity. This is no exception for the smart solutions of RATSENSE. For that, continuous evolution is part of the company’s DNA. Ms. Deanne, “We have a range of sensors that are coming up that will enable stronger connectivity and scaling up our reach to different regions.” RATSENSE is also looking at development in robotics and video surveillance with A.I to further bolster its capabilities.

The awareness of the importance of rodents control and management is increasing. And RATSENSE stands out as the most effective system to counter this global issue of rodents. As a market leader, the company looks towards facilitating and working with more partners involved in pest control, agriculture, townships, hospitality, and infrastructure management.


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