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Chris Raczkowski, Chairman of the board, Azure International

Climate change is closely related to increased energy consumption which is one of the major problems that the world is facing now. The demand for energy and its needs is growing day by day. Many existing energy systems heavily depend on fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil. From a long term perspective, this is unsustainable. The usage of such fossil fuels also leads to the release of huge amounts of carbon dioxide and many other greenhouse gases which leads to the cause of global climate change. Therefore, the energy sector is looking for alternate sources and solutions in the form of renewable energy.

Azure International is a China-based research company and investment firm that is focused on sustainable energy solutions for private companies and government organizations. It also a leading, boutique consulting firm in Beijing dedicated to enabling China’s sustainable energy future.

While China merges as a globally leading cleantech powerhouse, it is also the world’s largest emitter of greenhouses. Since its establishment in 2003, the company has been providing managerial, technical and strategic services to the clients and partners to respond to the challenge and opportunities they face in the Chinese market.

Astounding Services

Azure’s international team of multidisciplinary consultants, work at the intersection of science, technology, and policy to find innovative solutions that integrate sustainability with China’s breakneck growth.

Chris Raczkowski, Chairman of the board and founding partner of Azure International, says “We have focused our efforts on the wind, PV, energy storage and energy efficiency and have been successful. We know these sectors and their players better than anybody else.”

The company’s core services include:


For the past fifteen years, Azure has helped domestic and international companies navigate the market, identify growth opportunities and achieve strategic goals in China. Its comprehensive databases, innovative analytical tools and on-the-ground experience provide the clients with the result they trust.


Azure has a strong engineering core. The team consists of people who have a deep understanding of Chinese markets and business culture with a strong technical background. The engineers assess projects, source equipment, and develop complex technology in cooperation with Chinese clients or partners.

Business Development

The prominent company values efficiency and transparency with its customized business development strategy, which includes surveying potential buyers, investors and strategic partners, partner profiling and shortlisting through proprietary selection matrix, securing funding from Asian investors, business development to secure client’s best-fit partner.

In addition to advisory capabilities, the company has proven capability to invest in and accelerate the development of clean energy companies and projects. Its portfolio and partner companies have achieved both significant commercial success and return to investors.

The company also handles an extensive network within China’s finance, investment, government, manufacturing and engineering players. It has a wide range of clients and partners ranging from leading European and American technology start-ups to Global 500 companies to China’s largest state-owned enterprises.

Values of the Company

Azure is a company that believes in providing value to its clients. The customers choose Azure for its Professionalism and Credibility.

High Professionalism

Azure’s partners and staff members are experienced and knowledgeable international business professionals hailing from consulting, procurement, engineering, and investment banking with prior domestic and international expertise in cleanTech.

High Credibility

Being the first Sino-foreign company founded in China to be focused exclusively on the commercial expansion of sustainable energy technologies in China, Azure has established itself as a visionary leader in these sectors.

 “Our strategic focus on energy & climate strategy, wind and renewables research, technical support and cleantech investment has allowed us to build a wide network that reaches deep into China’s cleantech markets,” asserts, Raczkowski.

Client Testimonials

“Azure has the valuable experience and great insights on the Chinese renewable energy market; it’s always rewarding to work with them.” Sean Whittaker, Senior Energy Specialist, IFC.

“Azure can deliver complex market modeling and strategy advice combined with a strong network and BD skills in China. Their industry analysis and communication skills were very impressive. Thanks again to the Azure team for helping us identify and secure a great partner.” Ji Hyun Kim, Director, Samsung SDI.


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