Sift Analytics Group: Helping Organizations Wield Data and Unleash Transformative Power


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Today’s business world is characterized by an explosion of data. In response to its burgeoning nature, newer disciplines in technology like data science, data analytics, big data, and business intelligence have emerged to harness its power.

Now, organizations worldwide are in a critical stage in their digital transformation journeys where data is the central component. But, retrieving actionable insights from accumulating data volumes is a job only for a highly proficient professional. 

In APAC, innumerable organizations avail help from a few select data analytics service providers. Positioned at its forefront is Sift Analytics Group, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions specialized in data analysis technology, set up in 1999 and headquartered in Singapore.

Gerald Tan, Managing Director of the company, shares that the Sift Analytics Group was founded to serve the increasingly critical data analysis needs in business by foreseeing its importance. It envisioned providing analytical solutions to help organizations gain insights from their data and encourage data-driven business. Only then, as Gerald recognizes, investments made by organizations can be positive. He says, “For the last 20 years, we have embraced new technologies and products, assessing the best possible solutions mix for different organizations, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises with big data challenges.”

Being well-versed with data-rich environments, the company has helped organizations acquire actionable insights from data and provided them with tools and know-how to grow sustainably. He updates, “We have helped over 500 organizations gain quick insights into their data while charting long-term data strategies to manage their longer-term data goals.”

To help navigate the shape-shifting analytics landscape, the company always encourages organizations to embrace the best-suited technology for their particular analytics requirements. Gerald adds, “These requirements and approaches typically revolve around a few critical areas, namely ‘Data Relevance’, ‘Data Governance’, ‘Deeper Insights’, and ‘Distributed Insight’.” 

Gerald says, “We leverage on leading class practices and technologies to build solutions with a view for the future. Innovation is part of our culture, and together with our customers, we partner to provide solutions that are at the forefront of the analytical technology, but more importantly, relevant and practical solutions for organizations.”Its offerings are carefully designed to remedy data-related weaknesses in organizations and strengthen their decision-making. They deliver a greater data value, promote greater data literacy and empower each individual to use data in a better way. The goal being when employees practice better data habits, the entire organization can benefit from a richer digital transformation. 

Analytics is the antidote to some of the biggest customer challenges today. But, because of reasons like misunderstanding analytics, poor know-how or intimidating data volumes, organizations do not undertake analytics well. Gerald proposes, “To maximize the investment on data assets and to realize the potential of transforming how organizations operate, organize and create value internally and externally, CEO’s and other top executives need to be the ones to embrace and lead the change in adopting a data literacy and analytics-driven culture.”

To address today’s exploding data volumes, the company offers sophisticated, user-friendly, holistic and technology-imbued solutions. They’re specialized in data quality management, data governance, advanced and predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, prescriptive analytics, optimization, insight deployment, and distribution. 

Sift Analytics also tackles a frequent complaint from organizations stemming from manually managing data. What data-dependent organizations like retail, banking, and healthcare require are objective, fast and user-friendly solutions that are less monotonous. The company has been doing this—providing advanced and predictive analytics coupled with AI and machine learning capabilities, making tasks highly enjoyable and efficient. Thus far, its regional customers have improved their business and it’s retail and banking clients report business breakthroughs.

Gerald is grateful when he says, “We are fortunate and blessed to have maintained good relationships and friendships with many of our customers. In the region, we have more than 500 customers spanning more than 10 different industry verticals.” He says that they maintain customers’ crucial trust via a business model that respects ‘people’, ‘solution’ and ‘journey’. 

Its team has won numerous accolades from the world’s leading technology entities for its competence and excellence as a data analytics service provider. Innumerable clients continue to benefit from the company as it remains committed to helping clients’ data analytics journeys come to fruition. Sift Analytics Group is fast becoming a leading authority in APAC’s data industry. 

Alongside anticipating a future where big data, IoT, cloud, machine learning, and AI become more common, Sift Analytics Group is proactively creating a favorable future. Gerald explains that they’re working to realize ‘the next generation’ of data analysis technology solutions. He also assures that people, excellent technology solutions and positive results will continue to define its future customer experiences.


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