GCC Services: A Trusted Partner in Providing Agile Services


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Efficient supply chain management is crucial for a company’s market success. It can also be a very challenging problem; on the other hand, it’s not impossibly hard. It can be handled by having the right experience, enough knowledge, and the right mindset. While managing your supply chain, picking the right supply chain partners and the right suppliers is an equally crucial skill. Keeping these axioms in mind, one such company that caught our attention is GCC Services which provides customized and innovative solutions with a personal touch.

GCC Services was established in Kuwait in 2003. Incepted as a camp catering and supply chain Solution Company, two years down the line, it expanded its operations to include construction and engineering, housekeeping, maintenance, and life support services. With the focus of providing quality solutions in this complex evolving market, in 2009, the company diversified its client portfolio and is presently operating in 10 countries. It is functioning across a wide variety of different sectors: defense and government, humanitarian, oil & gas, mining, education, hotels & leisure, and events.

The inception of the Company

Initially, every company faces many challenges in their way of business growth. Rashad Sinokrot, CEO of the company says, “Some of our life support operations are performed in remote locations where security and infrastructure problems, challenge our supply chain on a daily basis.” He adds, “The direct consequence of these constraints is the delivery time. Sometimes it is longer than the prior notice respected by the client.” To overcome this challenge, the company initiates a partnership with a leading US technology think-hub to create a technology. A technology which uses algorithms, artificial intelligence and is constantly fed with current information about the operations to obtain a reliable estimation of requirements before the client actually needs it. With the usage of the latest technologies and innovations, it helps the company to plan better in generating a substantial impact on costs for the clients.

Eventually, GCC started to make its presence known in the market. With approximately 3300 employees in 2019, and up to 1,000,000 meals served monthly in UAE only, GCC continues its growth by strengthening its current process and delivering excellent, quality services tailored to the expectations of its clients. The company aims to bring constant reliable information to the clients on its supply chain by focusing on transparency. It brought this into action by implementing a new system and by providing complete access to the clients. This enabled them to see the real-time operations, delivery dates, stock and any other information the client needed.

New Business Initiatives

As a business, the company is moving towards a more strategic approach. The main focus of the company is to improve the supply chain process. In order to do so, the implementation of category management and a special focus on the total cost of the ownership versus purchase price are the main axes that help in improving the process.

Mr. Sinokrotstates, “Our supply chain team is embracing technology within the procurement space to improve spend visibility allowing for quicker and more informed decisions. Technology allows better use of the information made available to us through our current operations, of our past decisions and results and other options available to us.”The quality of the reports issued from the company’s new and upcoming system is easy to compare and make decisions as it is with more graphics.

To comply with the company’s quality standards and client’s requirements, traceability is constant and growing concerns that are addressed. All this is possible through the new sourcing and procurement methods focused on increased requirements and information. “Our clients appreciate our ability to provide at all times accurate and extensive information,” says, Mr. Sinokrot.

Stepping Towards a Better Future

The pride of the company is in its ability to deliver services tailored to the customer’s standards and expectations. Despite the constraints, difficulties, and changes it has to go through, GCC Services has always been able to deliver what has been committed. As a result, all their contracts are based on their client’s trust. Due to the inclusive management GCC Services has, it makes each and every employee accountable for the company’s successes. It invests and engages in their people and have employees that are deployed to perform services. Most likely, the company’s business relies on their team. Mr. Sinokrot says, “We have the expertise to create the best team which is made to operate each contract considering the background and culture of each key personnel.” He adds, “We have a strong system in place to collect, analyze and respond to the feedback given by our customers.”

A company’s success depends on its growth. GCC Services has faced a huge success and is being well received in the market. It gives the credit to their engaged team working in alignment with the core values of the company and their global strategy for the upcoming years. “As we rapidly continue to adapt to the rapidly changing global and local economies and working environment, Mr. Sinokrot says, “We will continue to automate more of our processes in administration, human resource, finance, safety and quality, supply chain and procurement to bring more efficiency into our way of working.”


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