Puninar Logistics: Delivering World-Class Logistics Services and Solutions


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The supply chain arena is going through a massive transformation, largely fuelled by the advent of digitization. With the rise of e-commerce, supply chain market is expanding beyond borders while redefining the way of managing supplies and demands. Amidst this shifting consumer demands and globalization, the old school strategies are failing to resolve today’s evolving supply chain challenges. 

Businesses today require an effective supply chain management process and strategy to keep pace with the dynamic environment. Set against this backdrop, Puninar Logistics, a prominent logistics company in Indonesia, is helping organizations achieve customer satisfaction, cost-efficiency, and bottom-line results by delivering seamless and integrated supply chain solutions.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition

Puninar has come a long way from a small custom clearance agency handling local businesses in 1969 to become a recognized, well-structured company both locally and abroad, with many MNCs choosing Puninar as their valued logistics partner. 

Today, it stands tall as one of the biggest logistics companies in Indonesia offering extensive services in customs clearance, air and ocean freight, land and rail transportation, warehousing, and bonded logistics solutions.

However, reaching the peak of success does not come without its unique set of challenges in Indonesia. As the biggest logistics service provider in the privatized fuel industry, Puninar maintains the highest standards in transport safety and security in the country.

“Public safety is our number one priority when distributing fuel from door to door. Such an operation requires round-the-clock monitoring and perpetual training of our drivers. All our trucks are equipped with exterior and in-cabin cameras, telematics that records driver behavior, and panic alerts systems, all integrated into a central control tower,” says Roby H. Kurniawan, the CEO of Puninar Logistics.

In an ever-changing industry, Puninar Logistics is constantly evolving to meet new governmental regulations. Working in tandem with the Indonesian Transport Ministry regarding new over-dimension and overloading transport policies, Puninar Logistics helps its customers reach safety compliance while minimizing transport costs by introducing new transport modes, combined with higher capacity trucks.

Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry through P-EVO         

One key attribute that sets Puninar apart is its P-EVO (Puninar Evolutions) system, an integrated IT system which helps manage its warehouse, transportation, and custom clearance operations while providing supply chain visibility.

The P-EVO system monitors and provides event updates from customs clearance. Starting from preparation of customs documentation to transporting goods to its final destination, the company tackles it all with customized EDI, Cargo-link, and E-Billing.

“Puninar owns a transport fleet of more than 700 trucks of various sizes and owns no less than 12 vessels which include tug boats, oil barges, SPOB, and oil tankers. Puninar also manages domestic rail shipments, air and ocean freight which covers shipments nationally and internationally,” says Roby. 

He further adds, “P-EVO allows our customers to track their deliveries, monitor performance and provides insightful data to initiate improvements. P-EVO includes Custom Clearance Management System, Warehouse Management System, Transport Management System, Fleet Management System, which support each function of our business. Features also have the ability to be integrated with Customers ERP System.”

Strengthening Client Relationship with Top-Notch Service 

One global oil and gas company who has been working together with Puninar for more than 4 years summarized their experience, “Puninar first started handling our custom clearance shipments and on-carriage. Then as our partnership grew, we extended the scope of services to warehousing and transport. The experience was and still is, very positive. Puninar demonstrates precise expertise in the field and I believe they have become the benchmark among Logistics companies in Indonesia.”

Intends To Leverage Its Technology, People and Process in Future 

In the coming years, Puninar is planning to advance in 3 major areas: technology, people and processes. The company intends to improve its proficiency by delving into Supply Chain 4.0 technologies, further cementing its commitment to continuous innovation.

Human resource sustainability is important for Puninar, where Culture and training are heavily emphasized as a strongly held value. Throughout the years, there are numerous team building activities, employee participation in improving the workspace environment, and collaborations for Logistics training through apprenticeship programs. To ensure the health and safety of the employees, Puninar also has drivers school, clinics, and regular medical check-up program.

“The key to current market demands is efficient operations and asset utilization. Puninar is one of the pioneers in Indonesian Logistics and will keep on innovating and making improvements toward present and future market demands,” concludes Roby.


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