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It is hard to imagine a world without online search engines or word processors and strange to think that each of these now everyday parts of life began as a simple idea from an ingenious mind.

Every business endeavour sets a mission to make a meaningful contribution to the world. However, to make this difference, it takes not only unwavering commitment but the knowledge of how to develop, deliver and market a product which stands out.

Dale Beaumont, CEO and co-founder of Bizversity, is the type of business owner who displays the unwavering commitment needed to deliver game-changing products. This driven entrepreneur is known for pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver new possibilities to an ever-expanding audience.  To help others implement their own world-changing business ideas, Beaumont and his dedicated team created BRiN, the world’s first AI powered business advisor. BRiN sits within Bizversity, a unique platform with the power to educate anyone who has aspirations to succeed in business.

Sharing practical skills for business growth

The 2014 Collegiate Learning Assessment found that 40 percent of college seniors failed to graduate with the complex skills which are actually needed in the workplace. Also, in many Asian countries, the demand for entry-level employees is very low due to the lack of practical business teaching and knowledge new graduates have access to in their professional courses. In addition, professionals and business leaders do not have the time to sort through the unorganized information on the World Wide Web in order to build their knowledge and discover new strategies for business growth. 

In response to the skills gap and the tedious effort involved in learning practical business skills, the Bizversity platform curates intelligent business content in a way that makes fast learning and easy application possible. The company offers world-class business education produced by industry experts in a way that is fast, practical, personal, affordable and fun.

Since launching in 2016, Bizversity has gained interest and trust from many organizations and learners. “We have a strong and loyal user base because we provide what they need, which is a fast, cheap, and more convenient way to learn business,” explains Beaumont.

In a short period of time, Bizversity has become a trusted coaching platform for its practicality, simplicity, credibility, and effectiveness in business. With over 60,000 sign-ups from 122 countries to the free service, the company is in a good position to grow the business offering different learning plans.  Beaumont says, “We have had a lot of interest, not just from individuals but also from small and large companies interested in accessing multi-user plans. Right now, our team is building this feature and it will be ready soon.”

However, success doesn’t come in a gift box for the Sydney based company. As Beaumont explains, “Since we have looked from the start to offer many world-first features, we have had our fair share of struggles. However, each time our team has stayed positive and focused and we have always been able to find a way forward.”

“Netflix for Business”

Bizversity users gain exclusive access to over 1,000 high-quality videos, which are produced by over 250 leading business experts from around the globe. Bizversity works as an app that is compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and Apple TV, allowing users to access the entire content library on-demand—anytime, anywhere. With a vast library of content, Bizversity makes building business knowledge learning extremely convenient and effective for people at any stage of their career.

World first features

People spend a huge chunk of their time travelling for work-related purposes. To make learning more convenient while travelling, Bizversity has a feature that allows its users to switch between Video and Audio modes and the ability to download videos to personal devices, enabling offline streaming.

Other features include the ability to create a personal playlist, share and forward the content, choose streaming quality and adjust streaming speed. Also, Bizversity has an amazing Apple TV app that gives users a front-row learning experience. Besides this, additional features and exclusive content are available, depending on the level of membership.

A serial entrepreneur, Beaumont credits the success of Bizversity to his committed team, who are excited to make business coaching more accessible.  According to Dale, “What Bizversity has done is not the work of one person; it is the result of collective effort of our amazing team.”

Under the leadership of Beaumont, Bizversity is charting a superior approach to business coaching by leveraging advanced technologies. In a short span of time, the company has established itself as a credible source and a practical advisor, equipping the global workforce with competence and real business acumen. With this momentum, the future looks bright for the company as it continues to grow with the ultimate goal to become ‘The World’s #1 Business School’.


“Bizversity offers world-class business education produced by industry experts in a way that is fast, practical, personal, affordable and fun”

“Bizversity has done is not the work of one person; it is the result of collective effort of our amazing team”


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