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At the beginning, startups, small or medium sized companies face major obstacles. For them, every dollar is valuable. Given the sheer amount of work to do, fewer employees spread too thin and the need to expand will challenge their growth. A good manager must recognize these early signs as a need to outsource their non-core business requirements to an expert.

Studies have shown that outsourcing can play a strategic role in business expansion. Some of the world’s most famous companies such as Google, Alibaba and GitHub have outsourced business requirements. Today, leading authorities endorse outsourcing because it allows businesses to save its resources (such as time, energy, manpower and money), focus on purely their main business offerings, improve work quality and also let everyone win.

Within Southeast Asia, ‘TeleWork’ is a fast emerging and eminent outsourcing partner for SMBs and startups, located in Bulacan, Philippines. CEO and founder, Marge Aviso, established the company in 2014 aiming to radically change how business process outsourcing is done in Philippines. Under the leadership of Marge Aviso, TeleWork has grown alongside its clients.

Marge tells, “TeleWork focuses on streamlining non-core business functions. We stay up to date with all technologies, processes and security risks.” Their services encompass call center services, virtual assistance, back office operations and data processing. In addition to technical expertise, TeleWork is able to punctually deliver quality results in a budget-friendly way. “The processes in which we provide our services are unique. We focus on efficiency as well as quality, without unnecessary extra layers to sift through. This also allows us to keep our rates competitive”, Marge says.

TeleWork supports clients through a multi-channeled support system, providing 24*7 assistance (including holidays) and offers many choices. The company helps customers make the right business decisions through their up-to-date knowledge. To help them realize their goals, its employees play a pivotal role.

The TeleWork team is well-trained. They’re able to listen to customers with empathy, handle difficult scenarios and develop a positive customer relationship. They aim for ‘first contact resolution’ to properly assess customer challenges and quickly address their pain points. For this, the company maintains an extensive knowledge base tracking client issues.

Marge reflects, “At TeleWork, attitude is everything. Our agents are not only known for their hard work, intuitiveness and dedication, but also for their unstoppable positive outlook at providing our services. When working a task, if we see a possible future issue or even a suggestion for improvement, we do not hesitate to speak up. Our clients have greatly appreciated this passion which has further strengthened our bonds.”

Inside their organization, TeleWork invests in soft skills training and brain boosting activities for e.g. meditation to ensure an optimal health state. Once the management hires professionals, they invest in further developing their skills and talents. “We don’t limit our people but encourage them to become leaders and innovators. This is where our strength comes from and has allowed us to be one of the BPO companies to successfully develop a policy ensuring productivity and compliance for both remote and in-house workforce”, tells Marge.

With the entire team supporting its clients at every step of the journey, TeleWork is dedicated to help businesses succeed. Recently, the company helped a major client who shared this feedback, “Our time to first response and resolution times decreased over time. We were able to maintain a minimal backlog year after year. More calls were being answered in a timely manner.” Similarly, the company has helped many companies outsource to save resources and scale up.

The TeleWork team develops great customer relationships through transparency and accountability. All clients are highly impressed with their punctuality, effective communication and due attention to detail for all their concerns. Marge shares, “When there is an issue, we take accountability, we own the issue, and we go above and beyond to resolve it. We do not leave things to chance.”

So far, the company has served many businesses in sports, television services, online retail and CRM software sectors. Marge further says, “We strive to improve everyday with every tiny bit of feedback. In the future we see not just improvement, but expansion into more complex areas of the BPO industry. ”

Marge talks about the future of TeleWork, “We envision growth way beyond our current capacity. A major goal is to bring jobs to people in rural areas, so they do not have to leave their families and move into an overcrowded city for a decent wage. We want to expand to more complex aspects of the BPO industry and even further. The sky’s the limit.”

Today, TeleWork is the outsourcing partner of choice for SMBs and startups in Philippines. Yet, the company strives to further improve every day. By 2020, the company seeks to collaborate with other BPOs. By 2022, the company aims to develop proprietary software that will further revolutionize business process outsourcing.


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