Proagrica: A Global Provider of Independent Connectivity & Data-driven Support Solutions


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Jamie O’Sullivan, Group Managing Director, Proagrica

Proagrica is a trusted partner for the global agriculture and animal health industries. Headquartered in, Sutton, London, the company is a global provider of independent connectivity and data-driven support solutions for the agriculture and animal health industries. Jamie O’Sullivan, Group Managing Director says, “Through our integrated network, workflow solutions, and actionable insights, our customers are better connected to make more informed decisions, growing productivity, and profitability.”

Proagrica is part of RELX Group, a world-leading provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries. The group serves customers in more than 180 countries and has offices in about 40 countries. Proagrica has strategically acquired leaders in the agriculture data transformation market in recent years to further its vision for improved integration, efficiency, profitability, and insight across the entire supply chain. The company delivers actionable intelligence to drive business growth across the value chain. “Our superior products and services connect and empower industry participants to address their key needs around trading, productivity, and compliance,” asserts, Jamie.

Sustainable Approach

Sustainability is one of the biggest issues facing companies that want to remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry. From climate change to consolidation, agribusinesses are under immense pressure and are thinking of adapting to the changing landscape. Jamie believes that by adopting data solutions that recognise and promote sustainability, it’s not only possible to survive but to thrive in the market. Across the world, there is a drive towards improved systems that meet the needs of today and underpin the ambition of tomorrow. Proagrica’s smart data connectivity and digital tools offer that opportunity, the ability to stay resilient and profitable in the face of shifting markets, rising competition, and the need for sustainable food production.

With a mission to make agriculture more connected, more grounded in data and insight, unlocking value for all, the core strength of Proagrica is its independence. Jamie says, “Our expertise is around collecting, analysing, and handling geospatial sciences and data management, which is why our customers and partners trust us with their data.” 

Shaping Work Culture, Value for People

The company has executives that are singularly focused on developing and delivering industry-leading data management solutions alongside some of the brightest minds in agriculture and data science. The team consists of a set of innovators who have the skills and know-how to apply effective concepts to challenging tasks, globally. Their expertise in broadening knowledge and experience leads to in-depth intellect and application for sophisticated solutions. They are constantly attentive to the customers’ needs and draw upon their vast resources to deliver optimum results. Jamie adds, “We pay scrupulous attention to each and every project detail so that the end product delivers beyond customer expectations.”

Proagrica truly values its greatest asset – the people. The commitment to ensuring employees thrive is safeguarded by making the company values a primary focus. The company encourages employees to work in collaborative environments to help the process of knowledge transfer and help them grow at an accelerated pace. This high-performance culture encourages, recognises, and celebrates success. Proagrica provides objectives, career aspirations, and development plans that allow employees to look at their strengths and areas of opportunity to broaden the horizon for everyone which is critical to building and sustaining the growth of the overall organisation.

Proagrica’s customers are very diverse and span across agribusinesses, manufacturers, animal health experts, and more. The company has excelled in helping its customers in key areas like operational efficiency, business visibility, and grower engagement. With the right technology and harnessing business data, the company works alongside agronomic industry-focused providers, retailers, and animal health professionals to ensure they deliver valuable services and drive loyalty among their customers.

Jamie says, “We support our clients and customers in a multitude of ways. This includes helping agricultural and animal health organisations maximise profitability, improve efficiency and drive revenue through smarter connectivity and data-led insight.”

Future Ahead

Proagrica is excited to enter its next chapter of work with the recent enhancements to its product, Sirrus, which extends the product beyond its legacy mobile application to a web application as well. “This will allow our users increase flexibility in their daily workflows and enhanced data-driven decision making in their everyday tasks to improve their processes from planning to execution across stakeholders,” concludes, Jamie.


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