Linc Group: Optimizing the Warehouse with its Unprecedented Services


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Hans Leo, CEO, Linc Group

In today’s fast-paced economy, the competition to supply and serve the market has become fiercer. Consequently, the efficiency in receiving, storing, and shipping products are also reaching the sky. To help supply chain companies in meeting their objectives and staying competitive in the market, there is an urgent requirement for a proper management system. Link Group — a leading solution provider has clearly understood this. Founded in 2001, this Indonesian based company has come up with a robust warehouse management solution, which doesn’t only allow customers to maintain better inventory, but also facilitate them with efficient packaging and processing, superior customer services, price stabilization, and enhanced risk management.

How The Journey Started?

Linc Group started its journey with a team of excellent people who hold decades of experience. They did not only invest their precious time to establish the company but also their valued effort to sustain the company in the market.

During its initial days, Linc Group was well-known as a logistics subsidiary with general logistics and distribution center services. Later, the company expanded its business offering suite of solutions, which consists of dry storage (warehouse), liquid storage (liquid terminal), domestic distribution, and freight forwarding. Today, Linc Group is an outstanding innovator in the warehouse management field. To deliver excellent services to its customers, the company always stays up-to-date and uses an updated and stable version of warehouse management software (WMS).

Linc Group’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) offers customers a host of benefits including blind receiving, shipment order processing, EDI capabilities, product hold, trace and recall, physical inventory, and cycle counting. By integrating with ERP system, it also enhances the kitting management capabilities. “This will allow inventory items to be grouped into resalable kits based on flexible bills of materials. The system as well, will also monitor minimum and maximum inventory levels to trigger replenishment of materials or products” adds Hans Leo, CEO and of Linc Group.

What types of Warehousing Solutions Linc Group Delivers?

By using warehouse management software and based on the industry’s requirements Linc Group offers a variety of warehousing solutions to its customers, which includes:

  • Warehousing of room temperature
  • Warehousing with controlled temperature
  • Warehousing of raw materials
  • Warehousing of finished goods
  • Warehousing liquid bulk terminal

These warehousing services are not just about handling inventory for customers, but these are also focused on various other aspects such as assembly, kitting, adjustment, delay, and sorting of goods across suppliers (cross-docking). It manages each aspect of the supply chain system and helps customers to reduce their business expenses and boost the efficiency of their work.

Customer-Centric: Reason behind the growth

Leo says, “Through the years, the company’s growth was driven by our customers’ unique characteristics and needs.” Unlike other companies that predominantly sell their products and services to their customers, Linc Group deep dives into customers’ businesses to analyze and understand their requirements. And then, the company develops its competencies to deliver powerful and effective solutions. Leo further adds, “We continuously learn from our customer’s best practices to deliver the right solutions to meet our customer’s growth objectives.”

Heading Towards a Sustainable Future

Because of its competencies and core values to comply with ethical standards, commit to excellence, serve customers with its best solutions, treat people with respect, and work as a team to achieve a goal, today, Linc Group has achieved a huge recognition in the industry.

In the coming future, the company aims to become a remarkable integrated warehousing partner for customers. Also, it intends to deliver hassle-free services to improve customers’ performance by the people with the right expertise while harnessing the use of the best technology.


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