Octopus Systems: Agile Systems and Constant Innovation for the Smart World


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That idea is actively pursued because the world saw the possibilities with the progressive technologies such as AI,

With the inception of the idea of a smart city, the world has placed a touchstone of what a modern city should look like. That idea is actively pursued because the world saw the possibilities with the progressive technologies such as AI, IoT, Cloud, Security Analytics, amongst others. Committed companies are constantly pushing the boundary of the application of these technologies which is manifested in the form of better analytics, safety, efficiency, and management in every industry. The role of smart technology service providers has become indispensable as the quest for a safer and a smarter world continues.

With the mission of creating a new breed of smart, agile, and easy to deploy command and control software system, Octopus Systems has captured the attention of companies and government departments involved in smart city or facility. The constant innovation, agile systems and dynamic service of the company are fulfilling the market needs that are often not provided by the tech giants. With core expertise in the field of physical security, cyber security, and IoT, Octopus is well positioned to help organizations across the world in their effort to create smart facilities.

The company is facilitating the world in creating a safe physical and digital world by leveraging the most powerful technologies of the 21st century that includes AI, Machine Learning, IoT, GIS, 3D Mapping, Video Surveillance, and Cloud. Tal Bar Or, CEO of the Company says, “Octopus’ business philosophy is to establish a strong mutual relationship and cross-fertilization process with our clients so that we are very clear about their challenges and bring them innovative solutions and value-added benefits.” That has been a primary reason for the success of the company with its partners.

Recently, the company helped in integrating the safety tools, management of incident and safety regulations in Petah Tikva, Israel. The project was a huge success with operation cost reduction of 25%, reduction of incident response time by 40% and reduction of events by 15% in the first year.

The Inception and the Technology Architecture of the Company Octopus was started in 2013 as an integrated physical and cyber security platform, intended for large enterprises, government organizations and critical infrastructure around the world. Shortly in 2015, it received a total funding of over $12 Million which propelled the company to develop state-of-the-art technologies and platforms for smart city.

Fragmentation of technologies with different experts and vendor’s lock-in are common today. That becomes problematic when an organization has to manage numerous security, safety, and operational systems from different providers and generate an accurate situational picture from disparate data sources. The process ends up being time-consuming, costly and inaccurate. Octopus is addressing this issue by leveraging cloud technology and developing solutions that can be easily integrated with any system and device.

This unique approach enables organizations and cities to keep their existing legacy systems while scaling up their capability with a future-oriented technology and management systems. Tal Bar Or explains,

“Our solution is unique in the fact that it is cloud-based, vendor agnostic, open architecture solution for integrating all the organization's physical security elements, cybersecurity systems, and IoT sensors.”

Concerns for Sustainability With more technological capabilities, investment in smart city is on the rise.

IDC market research forecasts that Smart City spending will reach $158 Billion worldwide in 2022. In the wake of a massive surge in smart projects, sustainability becomes a concern. Octopus actively takes measure for responsible power consumption and sustainable development. Tal Bar Or says “We want to provide transparency in power utility usage as well as reduce and control the cost.” For that, the company integrates IoT power meters and smart lighting to automatically control the power system of a city. Poised to Go Big in APAC For the rapidly developing region of APAC, the service of the company has come at an opportune time. Countries in the region including Singapore and Thailand are already leveraging Octopus’s integration platform, cloud-based security solution, city surveillance cameras, video analytics, license plate recognition, and face recognition cameras in urban safety management. Tal Bar Or says, “Local partners of APAC are market leaders and influencers, and they benefit from Octopus as we continue to bring innovative technology for them and their customers.” In Singapore, Octopus is partnering with NCS and Prosegure to provide an integrated system for monitoring and controlling all JTC Business parks’s public systems and devices, and security service operators. The company is poised to capture a strong presence in Japan and India as well.

In a short span of times, the company has seen big growth and has positioned itself as a trusted provider in IoT and Smart Facilities. It continues to expand its partnership and technological capabilities, particularly in AI, Machine Learning and API. Tal Bar Or, says “We will continue to build partnerships with leading telecoms, holding companies, and integrators in the field, which can leverage their offerings with Octopus’ technology.”


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