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Technology is fundamentally changing the nature of business

Technology is advancing at light speed. Today enterprises are embarking on the new waves of technology and reinventing their business models in the disruptive world.

A prominent one is the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). IoT is capable of utilizing data from multiple connected devices to deliver business insights. Recent studies project the number of IoT devices to reach 20.4 billion by 2020 and the industry is estimated to reach $6 trillion by 2025. However, the modern business landscape is still rife with challenges.

Since the nature of these challenges is stern, businesses need experienced service providers with real-world technology capabilities for guidance. In the APAC region, Kellton Tech Solutions Limited is a leading digital transformation solutions provider established in 2009 and headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

Soaring high as a successful technology enabler

Niranjan Chintam, Executive Chairman and Whole-Time Director of Kellton Tech says, “We began our journey with a clear philosophy to achieve strong differentiation through digital transformation services. We were primarily focused on serving clients with the vision Infinite possibilities with technology.”

“Since our inception, Kellton Tech has grown rapidly, both organically and inorganically through consistent revenue and bottom-line growth. Currently, we generate $110 million as yearly gross revenue and employ more than 1500 employees across offices in North America, India, Europe, and Singapore,” he adds. Impressively, through a series of major business acquisitions and partnerships, the company is continually consolidating its status as a technology and business leader.

Over time, Kellton Tech has won many prestigious awards and recognitions from major organizations. They have been placed four times on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India list and have been recognized by Forbes Asia as one among the Top 200 companies in ‘Best under a Billion’ 2017 List. Their e-Governance project has been awarded the ‘Best E-Governance Initiative of the Year’ at BW Businessworld Digital India Summit 2016 and they have also been recognized in the category ‘Digital Innovations in Service Provider Industry,’ at the third edition of The Digitizing India Awards, a Cisco initiative in collaboration with CNBC-TV18. Remarkably, even World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the company’s mobile health solution as the largest implementation in the world in terms of the population served.

Addressing business challenges through industry-specific IoT solutions

Today, Kellton Tech is delivering innovative IoT solutions helping businesses overcome challenges. Niranjan says, “We have been early adopters of IoT technology. Currently, our IoT solutions span from deploying sensors, collecting data at the source to analyzing data and enabling proactive action. Being tightly integrated with business processes, our solutions bring out higher revenues, cost-effectiveness, and mitigate risks for our clients.”

Currently, their principal IoT solution is a unique location-based gamification, analytics, and rich messaging engine—KLGAME™. This innovative product, powered by Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, uses big data capabilities to better understand users’ behaviors, movements, and demographics so that relevant actions can be taken to enhance their experience. Another one is Optima, a powerful IoT-enabled AI platform, improving visibility of oil well operations and enabling business to take proactive actions in order to maximize oil production and reduce the cost and risk of operating oil wells. Through field operations management, alongside powerful data aggregation and analytics capabilities, Optima enables the management to take informed real-time decisions.

In addition to these, the company offers an online health and safety management solution packed with insightful functionalities. Niranjan says, “We have been building IoT solutions for a wide variety of industries such as food, beverage, mining, power, utilities, telecommunication, logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing.”

Commitment and values to support clients’ businesses

“We, as trusted partners to our clients, commit ourselves fully to improving their performance through our technology solutions. We understand their business needs and challenges with empathy and propose solutions that are best suitable for them without any preconceived technology agenda,” Niranjan informs.

“And, trust is earned over time. When we do what we say, we will do it consistently”, Niranjan stresses further. Their employees embody five foundational values—customer-centricity, innovation, agility with quality, people focus, and integrity. Today, Kellton Tech is successfully adopting the ‘digital first’ approach in every area, inspiring positive change and transformation within the IT community.

Kellton Tech: Discovering the Digital Opportunities of Tomorrow

The management, the employees, and their solutions work in unison to address their clients’ changing business requirements. Businesses consider the company as a reliable long-term partner because Kellton Tech has always remained nimble and flexible. Niranjan says, “We are a partner of SAP, Software AG, MuleSoft, and IBM.  Through our technology-agnostic approach, we serve as a bridge between technology and business needs.” Kellton Tech continually stays true to its image. He further adds, “In the future, we will continue to invest in emerging technologies and industry-specific solutions to deliver rapid ROI to our clients on their digital investments.”

Soon, their skilled professionals dispensing disruptive digital and IoT solutions will venture into more exponential technologies such as IoT 2.0, RPA, the blockchain, AI, machine learning, and chatbots to elevate the industry standards of performance and delivery excellence. Niranjan shares, “In the future, we will combine business and technology opportunities. Strategically, we will strengthen our core services. We will reduce our dependency on the US markets and emerge as an evolving player in the global business environment. By 2020, we expect our annual gross revenue to reach 300+ million dollar mark.”


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