How to become a Ninja in Content Marketing?


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Did your company start doing content marketing but still no results? Well, this may be due to poor planning or even a lack of adequate tools. One of the weaknesses of all Content marketing team is that content is created, but not promoted. And there it stays, like drying in the sun and without receiving visitors. The content marketing is content-based and can be optimized with the help of analytics solutions, distribution, management, and marketing automation, and to help you, there are many tools on the market. But, the problem is with choosing the appropriate tool for your business.

However, there are some good content marketing and promotion practices that everyone should be doing, but not doing. The reason is usually that, after having spent hours writing a post, it is an exhausting nuisance to advertise to promote it. So, this article will help you to easily promote your content with the tools that can increase your efficiency and make you a ninja in content marketing. Have a good read!

Tools to make you a pro in content marketing

Website Analysis

  • KISSMetrics – This e-commerce consumer intelligence tool provides real-time data and links and interprets anonymous activities to known activities, once users become customers. Thus, you can understand the user’s default behavior until purchase.
  • Google Analytics – This tool allows companies to customize reports, measure the impact of social media, analyze website traffic on desktops, and mobile and measure conversion rates.

Social media Analysis

  • CrowdBooster – This tool will help you to track your company’s social media engagement along with the information about interactions, growth in the number of followers, among other data as well.
  • IBM Social Analytics – It analyzes and predicts customer behavior. After that, it creates personalized social media campaigns to improve your brand recognition and also provide company insights to your customers.

SEO Analysis

  • SEM rush – This tool allows you to track keywords in paid and organic search campaigns.
  • Moz – This platform allows users to monitor social media, manage SEO campaigns, among other features.

Email Marketing Tools

  • Campaign Monitor – It customizes emails, sends campaigns, performs A / B testing, etc. This tool helps in strengthening the customer base and builds a reputation in the market.
  • Mailchimp – This email marketing tool allows you to send emails to hundreds or thousands of recipients all at once. By using this software you can also create a subscriber base, manage the mailing list, and also you can automate your personalized emails.

Social media Management Tools

  • Tweetdeck – This platform links to the twitter account and manages the viewing of multiple streams of information at the same time. It also monitors hashtags, manages multiple Twitter accounts, schedule posts, and other social media features.
  • HootSuite – This tool manages multiple social media accounts, analyze traffic, and collaborate with other team members by sending messages and scheduling posts.

Content Marketing Platform

  • Newscred – This software helps organizations to manage the entire content marketing process on a single platform. By managing content creation, distribution, and measurement, you will be able to scale and streamline your content marketing work.
  • Content Tools – This platform controls the entire production process of the content by centralizing and structuring the information on a single platform. This provides easy access for the entire team to view and promote the contents as required. The platform is ideal for optimizing processes, scaling content production, and managing mixed teams. Also, with the editorial calendar, you can see each production status, type of content, deadlines, and responsibilities. Basically, this platform helps in maintaining the social networks and frequency of the publications by enabling the measurement of results with content.

Concluding Remarks

As you have been able to see throughout the article, getting more visibility and increasing your visits is more than publishing articles from time to time, but if you promote and optimize your content properly by using the tools the benefits are very large.


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