Major Restaurant chains in Singapore are rolling out TabSquare’s Smart Table-top Ordering System


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Large restaurant chains are adopting new technologies to increase profitability and improve customer engagement. Minor Food, one of the largest hospitality and leisure companies in Asia Pacific has partnered with TabSquare to introduce TabSquare’s SmartTab eMenu solutions in 30 of their restaurant outlets across 5 of their brands in Singapore. Sushi Tei, another major and unrivalled Japanese restaurant chain of 23 years in Asia with over 60 outlets in 8 countries has also adopted the tablet-based table ordering solution across all its restaurants in Singapore.

The restaurant industry is finding it increasingly challenging to maintain customer service levels and profitability due to declining availability of quality manpower. Bigger restaurant chains, where the problem is more acute, are now increasingly looking at technology solutions that can help them provide consistent service levels, generate higher revenues, and increase staff productivity. “TabSquare is honoured that major restaurant chains such as Minor Food and Sushi Tei have selected TabSquare’s solution to be deployed in several of their F&B brands as they adopt smart technologies to improve competitiveness and profitability in today’s challenging and highly competitive environment,” said Chirag Tejuja, Co-founder and Head of Sales at TabSquare.

Minor Food, with over 1,900 restaurant outlets in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia, China, Europe and a well-known brand portfolio in Singapore that includes Thai Express, Basil Thai Kitchen, Poulet, Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe, Riverside and Buffet town has been evaluating new technologies that enhance overall customer service levels throughout their many restaurant businesses. After extensive evaluation, the group decided to partner with TabSquare because of the completeness of the solution as well as the ability to deliver real results to the bottom line with its advanced data analytics in its roll-out of systems intended to improve the touch points between their customers and service staff.

“By implementing TabSquare SmartTab eMenu Solutions, our restaurants have achieved consistent customer service delivery, thanks to the innovative, end-to-end, front-of-house automation, which increases productivity of service staff. Additionally, through TabSquare’s advanced analytics of transaction & interaction data, our restaurants now understand consumer behaviour and spending patterns; thereby successfully improving the restaurant’s efficiency and profit margin,” said Arth Prakhunhungsit , CEO of Minor Food Singapore.

Sushi Tei on the other hand, is taking the full advantage of the tremendous value and competitive advantage offered by TabSquare’s SmartTab eMenu Solutions. “Competition in the Japanese segment is intense and restaurants like Sushi Tei are embracing technology solutions to improve average bill value and hence profitability. TabSquare eMenu Solutions makes it possible to introduce spontaneous, seasonal or promotional menus expediently and enables them to promote high value items, best sellers and specialties consistently. More over the SmartTab allows the restaurants to harness the power of big data analytics for menu engineering, data-driven up-selling and cross-selling which can help to increase the average check by up to 10%,” said Mr Chirag Tejuja.

With over 200 restaurants across Singapore and Australia already using their solutions, TabSquare sees the partnership with both Minor Food and Sushi Tei as key milestones to spur the adoption of its technologies into the smaller chains and individual restaurants in Singapore as well the wider global market.


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