WTT Migrates Private Clinical Management Platform to AWS Cloud


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Hong Kong Medical Association (HKMA) Clinic Management System (CMS) is the first and largest CMS running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud leveraging big data analytics and machine learning capabilities

A scalable, secure and robust system enabling Hong Kong private clinics exchange and access to medical data securely and effectively

Fast and accurate diagnosis, effective dosage decision, identifying medical trends to combat epidemics and improving patient services by estimating waiting time at clinics are made possible with prompt access to real-time information

Hong Kong — Nov 20, 2018 — WTT, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner, today announced the collaboration with System Aid Medical Services Limited (SAM) for the seamless migration of SAM’s Hong Kong Medical Association (HKMA) Clinic Management System (CMS) onto AWS Cloud.

A press conference was held to announce the collaboration, attended by

AWS, one of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platforms;

SAM, an Electronic Health Record (eHR) service provider recognised by the HKSAR government;

WTT, a leading ICT service provider in Hong Kong; and

Dr. Ho Chung-ping, MH, JP, President of Hong Kong Medical Association.

The collaboration for the launch of HKMA CMS signifies a breakthrough of cloud adoption for the medical sector in Hong Kong. The migration of HKMA CMS onto AWS significantly speeds up the system’s operations from administration, clinical management to finance management on a secure cloud computing environment, allowing even safer access to the government’s electronic medical records over traditional on-premise IT infrastructure. The big data of medical histories contributed by the system users assists doctors in making faster and more accurate diagnosis and dosage decision for patients. The system also provides doctors a platform for useful real-time information sharing.

Big Data and Machine Learning Play a Paramount Role in Smart Prescription

SAM is a pioneer in CMS cloud adoption which leverages the superb computing power of AWS and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to foster intelligent and serverless next-generation clinical management, aligning to the government’s Smart City goal. “SAM’s CMS enriches clinical management with a pragmatic AI approach by sharing data insight in a dependable cloud environment. The journey begins today to assist doctors with optimum prescription dosage, which will be extended in the future to helping patients manage clinic waiting time, and communication of infectious disease occurrences among clinics,” said Wilson Yeung, General Manager of SAM. “More opportunities will be discovered and made possible on AWS platform.”

Of around a thousand private clinics in Hong Kong which adopt a clinic management system, over 200 are using SAM’s HKMA CMS. The first AWS Cloud-based HKMA CMS equipped with AI capabilities is expected to commence service by the first quarter of 2019. SAM foresees a doubling of its market share in the next 12 months. SAM’s HKMA CMS roadmap will be extended to cover Chinese medicine, dental, physiotherapy and psychology clinics.

“AWS is delighted to partner with WTT and SAM for Hong Kong’s first AWS Cloud-based Clinic Management System (CMS), with WTT as one of the important consulting partners we work with in Hong Kong market,” said David Yeh, General Manager of Ecosystem Partners, AWS Greater China Region. “AWS is thrilled to support SAM’s CMS with one of the world’s most reliable, secure, and scalable cloud services, designed to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. By leveraging AWS’s superb and reliable cloud technology, the system can build a big data lake of diagnosis and prescription records, creating the foundation for insights to help doctors make more effective dosage decision, or to identify and predict health trends.”

Seamless CMS Migration to Cloud Empowered by WTT – A Showcase of Vertical Application for Medical Sector

In line with the company’s mission of enabling innovation and ICT adoption for businesses, WTT actively empowers different industries to keep abreast of technology trend. Jointly developing CMS with SAM and AWS, the project will provide an innovative solution to uplift service quality for the whole healthcare industry. As an accredited professional AWS Cloud Enablement Services provider, WTT built the AWS Cloud infrastructure for the HKMA CMS to enhance the architectural and DevOps environment for big data and AI implementation. This next-generation platform will reshape private clinics sector which makes real-time analytic possible in a secure cloud environment supported by WTT’s superb and reliable network connection. Scalable and sizable cloud service supports are also available for doctors. The huge benefits of cloud adoption for clinics will soon reflect in Hong Kong, a smart city facing a rapidly aging population and heavier reliance on healthcare services.

Fewer than 10% out of the 10,000 partners in the APN network have achieved the Advanced designation. In Hong Kong, WTT is one of the only 5 local active players in the top tier of AWS Partner Network Program. “WTT achieved the Advanced Consulting Partner status in just 9 months with a speedy transformation from a Technology Partner to this higher level status owing to our commitment and strong expertise in cloud business. WTT’s end-to-end AWS cloud services are empowered by our full-suite ICT services ranging from high-speed broadband, data centre to managed services and more. Achieving ‘AWS 50 Certified’ and progressing towards ‘AWS 100 Certified’ further strengthens WTT’s cloud offerings and enables us to provide sizable and scalable cloud support to a huge pool of doctors, and enterprise customers across sectors,” said Doris Chan, Vice President, Product of WTT HK Limited.

“This healthcare project fully demonstrates our mission to align with HKSAR in building a Smart City and allowing SMEs to enjoy the benefits of cloud adoption, with substantial contribution to the technological efficiency of Hong Kong’s private clinics,” added Doris Chan.

Know more about WTT’s AWS Cloud Enablement Services at www.wtthk.com.  

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Formerly known as Wharf T&T Limited and acquired by MBK Partners and TPG Capital in 2016, WTT is the only enterprise-focused fixed telecommunication services operator with significant fixed line infrastructure in Hong Kong. WTT has already invested over HK$7 billion in its network to create a leading fibre-optic end-to-end network in Hong Kong covering more than 5,500 commercial buildings. Together with a robust in-house service engine offering a comprehensive range of ICT products and bespoke services, WTT is a trusted partner of its diverse base of over 56,000 business customers serving their mission critical needs. For more information about WTT, please visit www.wtthk.com.


Founded in 2012 by a group of doctors and software developers, System Aid Medical Services Limited (SAM) specializes in developing and supporting systems across the care continuum, from hospital ICU to patient in ward, to out-patient clinics, to elderlies in residential homes to home care. For hospitals, SAM is partnering with InterSystems Corporation, a HIS (Hospital Information System) software provider and Capsule Technology Inc, a Medical Device Information provider. Both companies are based in Massachusetts US. For private clinics, SAM is the appointed Support Service Provider of Hong Kong Medical Association CMS YW and a trained Service Provider of Government CMS On-ramp to provide services and new features to enhance IT effectiveness in clinic operation. In March 2015, SAM was awarded a contract by Hong Kong Medical Association (HKMA) to support 200 private doctors on CMS YW and On-ramp and the connection with eHRSS. For more information about SAM, please visit www.samhk.com


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