Level.AE: an Outstanding Tax Consultancy Marked by Simplicity, Efficiency and Success


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Tackling Tax Compliance Challenges is Vital for Growth

Busy organizations are often challenged by tax issues. Given daily core business tasks, they often fail to commit to tax compliance wholeheartedly. And in seemingly little time, taxes pile up so much that they limit overall growth. 

With governments regularly imposing new tax rules or modifying older ones, the challenge can quickly become overwhelming. Business managers must juggle a lot as it is: employees, delivering quality services or products, achieving goals, finances, ensuring growth and tax compliance. The case is the same for organizations across-the-board and of all sizes. So, the smartest solution here is for all organizations to prepare well in advance and seek guidance from a trusted tax consultant. 

To help you clearly understand a reliable tax service provider, we present a Middle Eastern accounting firm specialized in tax-related and financial services named Level.AE. It was founded by Nihal Taj in 2017 to help companies efficiently manage business in light of new tax rules imposed by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) — the Valued Added Taxes (VAT). Through its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the firm aims to simplify all tax related challenges for local clients. The major objectives are to mitigate clients’ risks, help customers clearly grasp all the nuances of taxes, improve cash flow and uplift profitability. 

Reputed for High Competence in Tax-Related Services

Omar Kamal, the managing director of Level.AE says, “We had started once the GCC VAT framework was under finalization with the simple vision to be committed for success by attracting, recruiting, and retaining the most knowledgeable and passionate tax professionals.” The firm’s right resources, a well-experienced team and its leading expertise in local tax regulations have helped tackle many challenges faced by small, medium and large organizations from diverse industries. 

Level is specialized in many finance services: auditing, accounting, tax consulting, VAT registration, compliance and consulting, foreign VAT returns, international taxes and refunding. Omar gives us a glimpse, “Put simply, we set up an efficient and effective taxation model by ensuring a constant and recurring VAT compliance plan. This plan also contains internal control implementations and review by our experts.” 

Omar shares key insights, “Our clients want consultants that are specialized in tax that will work with them till the end, somebody who is engaged with their business operations, where commitment and success is achieved.” Level ensures that a tax relationship manager is assigned to every client without fail and this enhances the quality of the relationship and communication. The firm is willing to go the extra mile to help them because they care genuinely. For instance, when a client recently incurred substantial penalties due to an overdue VAT liability, the firm proactively applied for reconsideration and the penalty amount drastically reduced. By and large, building strong and deep-rooted professional relationships and thus adding value to clients’ organizations is the firm’s goal every day.  

Towards Even Greater Excellence in the Profession

Level is now an outstanding provider of efficient tax-related services in Abu Dhabi and in the UAE. Let’s understand why. Firstly, the firm is simple and effective in providing specialist services to tackle all tax challenges. Secondly, it recruits the most skilled and well-experienced tax experts to help clients at every step of the way. Thirdly, the fees are quoted in advance so that there are no surprises. Fourthly, clients are highly revered. Proficient relationship managers are assigned to match every client’s needs and they ensure that every client can access unlimited meetings with free phone or email support with the Federal Tax Authority. Finally, the firm has integrity and shows dedication to the service. 

Omar shines a light on their work culture, “We work on time every time and take responsibility on all compliance treatments which is supported by a comprehensive engagement letter that provides transparency and our terms and conditions.” Employees make sure to deliver well in time so that clients have the luxury of time before deadlines. There is also a synergy achieved by Level’s teams and the clients through timely discussions and meetings. 

Level.AE is now officially recognized as a tax agent with the Federal Tax Authority in the UAE and is also recommended by the General Authority for Zakat and Tax (GAZT) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The firm is now working towards its long-term goal: to deliver the highest standards of services in the industry. Omar concludes with a vision for Level’s near future, “To become a boutique firm where prospective clients get the same existing level of service as they are used to getting from international accounting companies.”


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