Cybersecurity tools to protect your company data


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We live in a world that is increasingly digitized, so all companies must have a strategic cybersecurity plan prepared. In this way, they will be able to avoid possible attacks by cybercriminals as much as possible. In this article, we name you some of the most essential cybersecurity tools. Do not miss it! 

For any company, it is essential to know the activity that is taking place on its computer network and thus be able to detect suspicious activities carried out by cybercriminals. The cybersecurity tools are the best answer to this need and that is not only efficient in identifying and analyzing attacks, but also allows a strong response at the right time.


Many people may consider them outdated or unimportant, but the reality is that firewalls are indispensable cybersecurity tools for blocking threats. And although the older ones had very simple structures and were only effective for easy threats, today there are more advanced versions capable of classifying files according to many parameters. Its main function is to inspect web traffic, identify users and block unauthorized access.


It serves as an intermediary between the browser and the internet, it is necessary to regulate the requests that the user makes to the company’s server. What makes it one of the best cybersecurity tools is that it allows assigning certain rules and filters, which guarantee the security policies at the IT level by the company. In this sense, the proxy allows you to block websites that are considered dangerous or even prohibited. 

At the same time, it keeps any intruder who tries to access private content at bay. Another advantage offered by this service is the possibility of authentication to limit in this way access to the external network. Thus, it is a great help to have control over what is displayed.

Antivirus software 

Any device that connects to the network, whether personal or corporate, should necessarily have an antivirus. These programs are essential and are mainly responsible for detecting infections by malware or other malicious elements.

Scanner to detect any type of vulnerability 

This is undoubtedly another of the best cybersecurity tools, which you cannot miss in your company. It is necessary to have efficient software that walks through the company’s system. The function that this system must fulfill lies in the analysis, detection, evaluation, and management of any weak point that can be a specific focus that allows the intrusion of cyber attackers. In this sense, it becomes an ally that tells you which are the weak points so that they can be eliminated or reinforced to avoid any type of attack. This can be seen internally of the systems as in the web applications of the companies

Antibotnet Services 

It corresponds to a service that provides the necessary mechanisms to detect any type of inconvenience related to botnet attacks. It is not common for us to be aware that you may be being victims of these types of threats. By not being able to identify these types of threats, your company may eventually be in danger of being remotely controlled by outsiders. For this reason, this service must be implemented, which also usually provides additional information.

Remote monitoring software 

A remote monitoring tool allows the IT team, cybersecurity experts, to monitor, diagnose and collect information from all applications and hardware at different points of the network remotely. In this way, the team will be able to resolve, regardless of time or place, any incident that occurs. 

These are some of the cybersecurity tools that should not be missed whether you are a company or an individual.


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