Reyes Tacandong & Co: A Timeless and Principle-Centred Approach to Professional Services


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Rafael Vinzon, Managing Partners, Reyes Tacandong & Co

Accounting, auditing, compliance, taxes, and law are essential facets of private organizations. These are inextricably linked to their financial well-being, market value, and growth. But despite complex rules and regulations, how an organization approaches these facets may create success or failure.

This is where the specialists –professional services firms – may guide private organizations. But while these firms offer help, some are more reliable and effective than others. The absolute best ones, however, are principle-centred, not just result-oriented. They reject short-term fixes in favour of long-lasting, community-minded solutions, both for themselves and clients.

Reyes Tacandong & Co. (RT&Co.) is one such firm, located in the Philippines. It’s emerging and disciplined – its actions are inspired by its four anchor values of integrity, leadership, excellence, and teamwork. RT&Co. strives to realize the best possibilities that law holds by following the rules, avoiding pitfalls, and acting with the best interest of the public. It’s only a 10-year-old firm, but its positive performance has gained trust from clients, first-rate employees, and several accolades.

A Principle-Centred Approach to Navigate Challenges

RT&Co. provides digital transformation, due diligence, tax, advisory, and audit services for modern businesses. The firm aims to offer the best, optimal and actionable answers to clients, while being mindful of ever-evolving rules and regulations. They also act as business advisors, providing answers in all facets of a business.  “We look at the impact of every client’s decision on its operations, its people, more importantly, its obligation to the public to do what is right. Each action has a consequence and its actions should be within the law’s spirit and rationale,” Head of Tax Services Rafael Vinzon explains.

The firm also explores possibilities within the law’s limits, aiming to show its true spirit and objective, without any sort of compromise. “What sets us apart from other tax practitioners is the guidance and forward-thinking manner by which we implement engagements, always aware about the law’s parameters and sharing that mindfulness with clients,” Mr. Vinzon says.

Clients appreciate RT&Co. for this conscious effort. They are, moreover, satisfied when their job has been completed, without any personal or collective concessions.

Growth, Achievements and Contributions

 “Reyes Tacandong & Co. was established in 2010. It started with only 20 professionals, including the founding partners, in a 65-square meter office in Rockwell Makati,” Mr. Vinzon shares. At the end of the first year, there were more than 100 employees. Over the years, the firm has developed an exceptional workforce of 1000 professionals and opened four offices outside of Makati, Metro Manila.

In 2014, the firm set up RT&Co. Foundation Inc. to give back to society by financially supporting poor but deserving students. “This initiative has also allowed us to provide immediate response to the needs of our countrymen who have been greatly affected by calamities, such as victims of Typhoon Haiyan, and recently, the frontliners of coronavirus pandemic, as well as the poor sectors of our society,” Mr. Vinzon adds.

In 2015, Reyes Tacandong & Co. became a member firm of RSM, the 6th largest network of independent audit, tax, and advisory firms in the world. “With member firms that are in major business centres across the globe, RT&Co. is able to provide seamless service to clients who are expanding outside the Philippines. In the same manner, we service other member firms’ clients with Philippine operations, as well as new clients who want to invest here.”, Mr. Vinzon explains.

RT&Co. has set three new companies in motion this year: RT&Co. Strategic Processes Inc., RT&Co. DigIT Inc., and RT&Co. Outsource Inc. These companies want to empower clients to be future-ready, tackle challenges in a smarter way and streamline operations using technology.

The firm’s dedication for professional excellence and supporting society has been recognized time and again. RT&Co. was named one of Asia’s top small to medium-sized enterprises of 2017 by the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards. It also received two awards from the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards for professional excellence in corporate services in 2018 and in 2019.

Steadfast and Optimistic About the Future

RT&Co. is one of the most trusted professional services firm in the Philippines as it marries good governance with a sense of responsibility towards the community. This way, clients carry on their activities with peace of mind and the firm paves the way towards the collective good.

RT&Co. is optimistic today: Despite the uncertainty in the ongoing global crisis, it’s finding lawful ways to support the community. “We will develop and design new services that would manage the concerns of our clients in dealing with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and address their concerns of the future,” Mr. Vinzon concludes.


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