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Mr.Jagadeesh Ilango & Mrs.Viji Jagadeesh, Founders, JVKM Consultants PTE.Ltd

Today, business consulting firms are helping businesses scale their performance by solving problems and finding innovative ways to run a business to success. JVKM Consultants Pte. Ltd. is one of the leading consulting firms in Singapore committed to providing top-notch business solutions. JVKM was founded by two award-winning entrepreneurs, Mr. Jagadeesh Ilango and Mrs. Viji Jagadeesh. Since its inception in 2006, the duo has grown JVKM into a group of companies with a vertical and horizontal portfolio of businesses in areas of business management consultation, accounts and audit, tax consultation, money changers, HR & payroll, immigration and relocation, hospitality and tourism, real estate management and IT/engineering services.

JVKM offers unmatched services in helping start-ups, entrepreneurs, and corporates in the big league set up their businesses in the heartland of Singapore. “With its focus fixated on strategies, legal procedures, quick turnaround time, and dedication, JVKM easily emerges as the best destination for those who desire to chart a new business route in Singapore,” asserts, Mr. Jagadeesh. 

The prominent company ambitiously seeksto provide an ideal global platform to help aspiring entrepreneurs seed their business innovations in Singapore. It offers highly professional one-stop solutions that support entrepreneurs to establish and sustain their businesses successfully and profitably. With a mission to deliver its promises, JVKM is providing back-to-back and best-in-the-world business solutions. The company has rendered all its services in due accordance with the Statutory Regulations of all relevant authorities during its day-to-day business operations.

Mr. Jagadeesh says, “We endeavour to sustain utmost just and honest business dealings to add enhanced value for all our services. We strive to establish a system comprising virtuous and righteous business operations in order to remain on the utmost Ethical business platform. We invest our time and efforts in life-long learning and skills up-gradation to provide strong knowledge and expertise-based support and solutions to all our clients.”

Three ‘It Factors’ of JVKM

JVKM renders its unwavering support and advice to shore up the business to great heights in a consistent, proficient, specialized, and efficient manner. The company is equipped with skills and competencies in various verticals and has launched many business entities to fame in Singapore.

The company exhibits three important qualities while dealing with its customers.

Transparency: JVKM makes only realistic promises to the customers. The team strives to operate transparently, from the strategies they implement to the fees they charge.

Commitment: The Company is committed to excellence in customer service and service and developing long-term relationships with its customers.

Professionalism: It strongly believes in professionalism at work which provides it the edge to perform and deliver better results. The customer-handling team is characterized by skill, good judgment, and polite behavior. 

These ‘It factors’ of JVKM bring the company close to heart business entity for many customers locally, regionally, and globally, gained through 16 long years of committed services. The company works meticulously with a masterly level of skill sets, expertise, and intelligence.

“We always encourage innovations and out-of-the-box thinking from our employees and thereby improve our offerings. Our vast experience and knowledge have to be leveraged and so we will enhance our in-house knowledge-management practices,” says, Mr. Jagadeesh.

JVKM endeavors to sustain the utmost just and honest business dealing with offering enhanced value in all the services. The company strives to establish a high level of virtuous, fair, and righteous business operations in order to remain on the utmost ethical business platform. Mr. Jagadeesh believes in lifelong learning and skills up-gradation to provide vital knowledge and intelligence-based service to all the customers.

“Our Unique Selling Proposition is Quality of services”. 

By virtue of our integrity, competence, and trustworthiness, we ensure a high quality of service to our customers. 

Quality is our priority in all our undertakings,” states, Mr. Jagadeesh

Set to Expand its Horizons

JVKM is planning to attract more global customers and gain global recognition for its work and the team is currently working on setting up an offshore marketing office in India. It aims to leverage technology to increase the efficiency, reach, and throughput of the company and hence translating to more investment in IT and gadgets shortly.

“Our aims are high and to achieve those we will streamline our operations and make them more efficient. By training our employees in relevant areas and skills and by effective change management techniques we will realize our dreams,” concludes, Mr. Jagadeesh.


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