Biohacking: The first step towards the race of superhumans


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Have you ever imagined being able to hack your own body and to be more intelligent, productive and focused? Or even to do superhuman things, such as seeing in the dark, feeling electromagnetic fields or controlling electronic devices with your hands? Well, it sounds like some science-fiction movie script, but it has become a reality today. Yes, this is possible with Biohacking, where you can become a kind of “superhuman” who can easily develop some activities which were considered impossible previously.

You can become smarter, stronger, healthier and more productive than before. And with biohacking, this is now possible. Using hacking techniques to make a body change has been one of the ways many people have found to become better human beings and reach their full potential. 

However, it has already gained popularity all over the world, still, there are many questions that have been bothering not only scientists but ordinary people looking to make use of the technique. What is biohacking? What does this mean? How can it be used and what is it for? Since this is a subject that has been taking over our society, we decided to help you better understand what this process is and how it is helping to become superhumans or human 2.0? And, what is the ethics behind it?

Here, in this article, we have gathered all this information so that you understand this process well and stay on top of it.  

What is Biohacking?

If you’re a fan of science fiction and don’t miss an episode of Black Mirror, you’ve probably run into Biohacking without even knowing it. The idea behind biohacking is to unite biology with hacking ethics so that human beings can extrapolate the limits of evolution, and gain “powers” that to improve the quality of life and well-being. 

There are several methods you can use to perform biohacking. Basically, biohacking is based on transhumanist philosophy and biopunk. Transhumanism is a cultural and intellectual movement that believes and can even structurally alter the human condition through the use of technologies.

History of Biohacking

Making body changes has always been one of humanity’s greatest dreams. Since cave times, humans have been trying to make the best use of their bodies and tame it. Although sometimes this may not have very good consequences it is a part of our nature. Other modes of biohacking, such as using contact lenses and pacemakers, have also improved the quality of human lives.

You’ve seen biohacking in comic books dating from the early twentieth century, in movies and other media. However, this is a new term that comes along with all the technological advancements of recent times. Earlier, the term began to appear around 1998 in the Washington Post discussing biotechnology being brought to the masses in the form of “fiddling with the genetic code of a living organism.”

Biohacking methods and their differences

Biohacking involves artifacts such as techniques, applications, foods, and supplements to make people more productive, smarter, and focused on everyday life. Today there are two major strands and two ways to do Biohacking. The first mode is the interventional approach, while the second is the non-interventional approach, which is the mildest. If you decide to use biohacking, know that each technique requires a lot of responsibility. It can help you become better while discovering all the hidden potential inside your body.

  • Interventional approach – The purpose of this type of biohacking is to improve one’s body capacity by using implants that release the substance into the bloodstream. And the people who practice this approach are known as grinders.
  • Non-interventional approach – This type of biohacking basically uses external elements to improve body performance. The techniques such as blue light for better sleep, intermittent fasting for increased energy and dietary supplements such as vitamins are used in this method.

If you decide to practice any of them, be aware of the limits of your body and find out the best way to use it. 

Biohacking and future

Last but not least, Biohacking is here to stay. With advances in medicine and technology, it is becoming more and more popular and even often necessary. Scientists are discovering more substances, methods, and tools to enhance our body capacity. The dreams of science fiction movies are already possible and as advocates of transhumanist philosophy, we are creating superhumans.

Understand the biohacker, know what it is, how it works, and be prepared for the future. And most importantly, know that the human body is the greatest wonder you will ever witness.


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