How podcast helps to grow business?


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At the gym, in traffic, tidying up at home, or at work – every time is the time to learn something. If you are multitasking and entrepreneurial, how about listening to something that can help you and your business take extra steps? Perhaps, Podcast is the only thing that fits best in this situation. That’s because podcasts are perfect for boosting your productivity at more operational times, without even worrying about the internet – audio can be downloaded at no cost to your mobile phone or music player.

Podcasts act as one of the best tools for all business owners at any stage of the entrepreneurial process. Whether you have an idea in mind or are looking for new creative solutions for a growing established business, podcasts help you to boost your business with very little funding. 

Let’s move ahead with why you should use the podcast to grow your business. 

  • Podcasts help you to reach more people – It’s very common to see on the street or in cafes and cafeterias, for example, people with their headsets plugged into their mobile devices – and that doesn’t mean they are all listening to music. Being a consumer-friendly product, podcasts can be heard from anywhere, reaching more customers and potential customers. After all, they don’t have to stop what they are doing to hear your content – as long as it’s dynamic, practical and fast, of course.
  • It humanizes your business – The podcast helps you give a more familiar voice to your organization. In fact, beyond the brand, we want to feel that humans are behind the ideals and values of your company. Creating a podcast allows you to have a weekly meeting with your target audience. Thus, you convey your vision to them on a subject related to your area of expertise. The simple fact of having a warm voice and personality will earn you points, guaranteed! However, also keep in mind that quality must take precedence over quantity.
  • Positions you as an expert in your industry – Think about how many of your competitors have a podcast. Probably, the answer is zero! If you work in a field such as a group insurance, having quality content to transmit on several subjects is a great asset. In this sense, each week, you could address an insurance issue. You could bring up the subject of happiness at work during one of your recordings. You will certainly gain credibility with your target audience. This will also allow prospects to familiarize themselves with the areas of expertise of your organization.
  • Increases traffic to your website – Despite the fact that the content of your podcast is not directly classified by the search engines; it is sometimes possible to optimize your pages on which they are published. In organic referencing, the frequency of publication is an important issue. Therefore, it will be beneficial to publish broadcast podcasts on a regular basis. Thus, other websites will share your links as a source of content, which will improve your position on search engines. It is also important to keep in mind the best SEO practices, in particular by creating URLs and page titles dedicated to each of your episodes. Adding a description will allow you to position yourself as a reliable source of information.

In addition, it may be interesting for you to register your podcast in an online directory. This will make it easier to find you quickly. Either way, there are several podcast hosting platforms available to you. It’s up to you to decide which one best suits your specific needs when you are going to create a podcast.

  • Builds a long-lasting relationship with the audience – Creating a podcast can be an excellent means of communication since it allows you to engage your audience in a privileged way. In fact, audiences become loyal, since the listener feels that the expert genuinely cares about him by sharing exclusive stories and advice. Your loyal listeners will thereby become your brand ambassadors. In addition, the people who will follow your podcast each week are genuinely interested and qualified in your service offering. By helping them and passing on your knowledge, your relationship with them will grow gradually.
  • Connects people with your industry – Creating an interview-style podcast allows you to connect with people in your industry. Indeed, the fact of inviting references in your field in order to give their point of view on a subject allows you to have great proximity to these experts. In addition, by interacting with them, you increase your perceived credibility in their eyes. These contacts will certainly be useful to you in business! In its own way, the podcast allows you to network.
  • Helps to stand-out among your competitors – Sometimes it can be more difficult to offer sources of content that are both varied and relevant. Yet variety is the key to keep your audience interested and engaged. Adding the podcast to your content strategy will allow you to renew yourself with your audience. This tool fits perfectly into a multichannel strategy. Thereafter, your subscribers will be able to choose the type of content they prefer (social media, blog, podcast) according to their individual tastes. Thereafter, you position yourself as an innovative player with your competitors and your target customers.


Finally, podcasts allow you to learn more about the world in addition to allowing you to discover new interests and discover a new kind of entertainment. Moreover, you can also work on something else by listening to a podcast, which is not the case with other content formats such as articles and videos. Along with boosting business performance podcasts can increase your creativity and imagination as well.


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