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Takeshi Nakamura and Hiroshi Shimazoc, Co-Founders, Earth Tax Group

Money can be critical in our lives.As we step into a professional environment, we can see that every kind of organization really needs money – to pay for their utilities, to maintain their facilities or infrastructure, to reimburse their staff members and to pay taxes to their government. Thus, in a very real and practical way, ‘finance’ can become the crux of any kind of organization– it can mean the difference between success and failure.

From an even larger point-of-view, standard-setting authorities officially lay down the laws, rules and regulations that all organizations – private, corporate, for-profit, non-profit and government –must obey compulsorily. Becausethese rules can effectively mould the professional landscape, organizations should be well-aware of the latest laws, rules and regulations to survive and to thrive. In tandem, they really need to have a handle on their internal finances.

To help organizationsovercome the challenges within finances, professional services firms come into play. The best professional services firmsprovide expert guidance to help clients overcome all sorts of financial challenges within accounting, taxation, legal concerns as well as organizational restructuring. Within Asia Pacific today, ‘Earth Tax Corporation’ is one of the most trustworthy, reliable and high-quality professional services firms. It was set up in 2006, in Tokyo, Japan, by seasoned finance experts Mr. Hiroshi Shimazoe and Mr. Takeshi Nakamura, with an intention to guide organizations towards their successful financial future. They provide comprehensive services that encompass taxation, tax compliance, expert advice for mergers, acquisitions or restructuring, real estate securitization, amongst so many others, all specialized for the Japanese marketplace.

Helping ClientsThrive through Expert Financial Services

Mr. Hiroshi and Mr. Takeshi, the co-founders and the representative directors of the group, have rich experience with providing various financial services for international and national clients. They set up Earth Tax Group to provide comprehensive high value-added services to Japanese and overseas clients, with specialized support and expertise for succeeding in the Japanese marketplace.

Earth Tax Group chiefly provides advisory as well as practical services for taxation,international taxation, tax compliance, organizational restructuring, real estate securitization, successful business establishment within the Japanese market, financial investment, outsourcing, administration and business inherence or succession, amongst other areas. In addition, the group provides customized solutions to each client, especially for inheritance planning and asset taxation or utilization. In sum, the group is a complete financial and taxation services provider, helping clients with relatively small jobs like book-keeping, preparing tax returns or payroll calculations as well as with bigger jobs like fund administration, business inheritance or succession planning, international expansion, mergers, acquisitions and organizing educational seminars.

Today, the group primarily serves both domestic and overseas clients (including individuals), especially with respect to inbound investments within Japan from Asian clients. For such large-scale instances, the company takes care to clearly understand clients’ challenges and by collaborating with its Singapore and Hong Kong offices, helps them overcome these challenges successfully.

A Trusted Accounting and Taxation Service Provider

Earth Tax Group has become well-established as a trustworthy, effective and reliable taxation service provider within Asia Pacific today. Especially with respect to inbound business investments within Japan, the group provides exhaustive services that thoroughly address clients’ critical challenges. For diverse investment projects within Japan like offices, hotels and solar plants, the group gives lots of attention-to-detail to ensure high quality services, in accordance with the latest trends of the respective industry as well as the latest laws, rules or regulations.

“Some of our investors and clients contact to our group directly to request our services. On the other hand, we have lots of referral investors and clients from banks, major real estate companies, asset managers, international law firmsand other prominent domestic and overseas financial institutions. This proves that Earth Tax Group has earned the trust of all the parties involved in this field,”Mr. Takeshi states.

Earth Tax’s success is primarily thanks to its people: the group’s leaders, managers as well as staff members have lots of experience with financial services. In particular, the group’s leaders and managers come from diverse fields including accounting, securities and information technology. For instance, Mr. Hiroshi Shimazoe’s first job was within the food service industry. After acquiring a financial planner certificate, he worked as an insurance sales person before wholly immersing into professional financial services like accounting, bookkeeping and taxation. Even today, in addition to being the representative director of the group, he has also been a teacher for more than 20 years. Similarly, other staff members of the leadership and management departments are highly qualified.

Approaching a Bright Future

In view of the future, Earth Tax Group wants to continue providing good quality services, especially for inbound investment projects from Asia. The group is anticipating more and more clients in need for their services; accordingly, they are preparing toprovide the best services by collaborating with the Earth Tax group of companies and various related parties.

“As a new initiative, we specifically want to support overseas IT companies to set up their business in Japan in collaboration with international companies, major financial institutions and developers. As an emerging professional tax and accounting firm, this is an exciting opportunity. By providing our services to entirely new kind of clients, we want to learn from their innovative business and thus develop newer services. Of course, these initiatives will be aligned with our mission,” Mr. Takeshi sums up.


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