First Prudential Markets: Australia’s Leading Forex Broker


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Matt Murphie, Managing Director, FP Markets

We live in a fast-paced technological era. Nowadays, traders are looking for access to a full suite of Contracts for Difference (CFDs). And that is where First Prudential Markets (FP Markets) comes in. As Australia’s leading forex trading solution provider, FP Markets offers traders access to an extensive range of CFDs across forex, equities, indices, commodities, futures, and cryptocurrencies.

The company pioneered the Direct Market Access (DMA) CFD model in Australia which promotes fair and transparent pricing and focuses on the best possible order execution for clients. “I believe that being a pioneer in this area is what has led FP Markets to become one of Australia’s largest brokers,” says Matt Murphie, Managing Director of FP Markets.

Understands the Needs of Modern Traders

Established in 2005, FP Markets recognized the need for providers with a long-term focus on client retention. Thus, it provides an outstanding solution for forex traders by combining the tightest pricing in the industry with extraordinarily high levels of customer service and cutting-edge technology.

“The growth in the industry has been phenomenal. That’s why we chose to offer Forex Trading solutions,” says Matt Murphie.

FP Markets provides traders with the tightest spreads possible. The company receives price feeds from both major institutions and bespoke liquidity providers which ensures that their clients have access to incredibly tight pricing.

With expert knowledge of the market and cutting-edge technologies, FP Markets provides a wide range of services and 24-hour multi-lingual support, 5 days a week. The company’s well-trained team is experienced in forex and understands the needs of a modern trader.

Matt Murphie says, “This job provides me the opportunity to lead such a great company and attract the elite team of industry professionals which we have.”

Market-Leading Services to Forex Traders

FP Markets provides market-leading services to forex traders:

  1. Facilitating banks may charge for deposits or withdrawals, but FP Markets does not charge for deposits or withdrawals. Any bank fees or charges relating to a transfer will be credited to clients in the form of a trading bonus, so the full value of any deposit can always be traded on.
  2. FP Markets provides DMA & Electronic Communication Network (ECN) pricing, allowing orders to flow directly through the best bid or offer price (or withdrawals). This ensures no requotes, no price manipulation, and no possibility of intervention from a dealer.
  3. The company’s pricing environment has been built by traders for traders. There are no restrictions on trading and scalping, hedging, and automated trading.
  4. The company’s spreads start from 0.0 pips and it has flexible leverage options offering up to 1:500, accepting deposits in several major currencies.

Clients also trust in the FP Markets’ dedicated support team which is always on hand to assist clients in real-time around the clock with any queries that they may have.

Trust and Superior Technology at All Touchpoints

Everything begins with trust. As clients put more confidence in the company, volumes have grown significantly. As a positive result, both long-standing and new clients remain with the company and continue to trade. FP Markets has a number of clients who started trading with them as beginners since 2005 and still continuing trading with them until today. The company has many reputable clients including CFD and Forex traders with all levels and experience. FP Markets caters to the trader of all levels, but the company’s clients generally tend to be traders who take their trading seriously and who are seeking the best trading conditions and pricing.

No wonder FP Markets has become one of the biggest brokers in Australia and continues to grow rapidly with turnover growing by over 100% in the last 12 months.

Clients are attracted to the FP Market’s superior technology at all touchpoints. For example, the company includes not only trading platforms but also client portal which enables users to easily retrieve and download all trading information. In addition, the company developed its own Introducing Broker (IB) portal. The bespoke portal was designed as a multi-level, multi-tier platform for individual IBs and master IBs. FP Markets has ensured that the newly designed portal enables IBs to view and stay up to date with daily transactions, deposits, volumes, and rebates accrued from direct clients or clients of sub-IBs.

Matt mentions, “We always ensure that we offer the best technology in all business and technological aspects. He adds, “Our company’s trade servers in the NY4 centers in New York are connected through fiber optics to the company’s ECN network and liquidity providers, ensuring lightning-fast execution.”

Multiple Awards for Service Excellence

In the 2016 Investment Trends Report, FP Markets was awarded the industry’s “Most Satisfied Customer” award for the sixth consecutive year, making FP Markets one of the most awarded companies in the industry, in particular for client satisfaction.

“We have the largest rate of referrals in the industry, which we see as the ultimate endorsement of our offering,” says Matt Murphie.

He further adds, “Since we had the most satisfied clients for 6 years and by getting the lowest level of complaints in the industry, it is not surprising that Investment Trends identified us as having the happiest clients.”

Poised to Increase Its Market Share

At present, the company is focused on increasing its market share. In the next five years, FP Markets aims to be a renowned name for traders all over the world in the way that it is currently in Australia. The company is also focusing on providing the best offering to clients by combining in-house technology with industry-leading platforms and tools. To make sure that the company’s client-offering is the best, FP Markets has invested and will continue to invest millions of dollars in infrastructure, platforms, portals, and other bespoke forms of technology.

“Our experience has enabled us to remain fiercely competitive,” says Matt Murphie.


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