Why chatbot is essential for businesses?


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Do you know that old story or watched movies that say “the future will all be controlled by robots”? So the future has arrived and has become an essential part of our present! What proves this is the well-known chatbot? This technological innovation is present in business and has been gaining ground in customer service and customer relations. Providing excellent service in order to promote customer loyalty is one of the biggest competitive advantages of a successful brand. 

From this perspective, we’ll show you in this article how chatbots works and what benefits your business can enjoy by humanizing chatbot and making virtual service ever closer to the customer. Good reading!

What are Chatbots?

Two words have been joined to achieve this result: chat (chat) + bot (robot). So a chatbot is simply a robot’s conversation through texts to interact with people and direct them to what they are really looking for. This type of technology exploits artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enable the software to be able, much like humans, to propose a normal dialogue with customers. Through artificial intelligence coupled with a chatbot software, it is possible that the robot will be able to automatically adapt as it learns about user preferences. 

A chatbot can promote very efficient interaction and, as you understand more about how you speak and “perceive” other features, improves the quality of communication. This is made possible by the applicability of increasingly advanced technological tools and also through a constant process in which each of the new integration with the robot is used for data generation that makes it more responsive. 

In the customer service process, these bots (as they are commonly called) are employed to provide initial guidance, send documents, invoices or answer questions directly to consumers. Generally, the first contacts or chat online or on the e-commerce website itself are made by chatbots. Thus, they can guide and respond to customers on product pricing, stock availability, standards, and lead times, for example. In addition, they can assist in different subjects that are within the knowledge margin already programmed in the store script.

Is it worth investing in Chatbots?

Today, chatbots symbolize the great innovation in the relationship between customers and the institutions that bet on this tool. Gradually, bots have gained an important place in the channels of virtual interaction with the user. This change is based on the need for more effective, agile, instantaneous and personalized communication. The new model of relationship with modern consumers makes room for this kind of technological resource, which literally represents an excellent opportunity to modernize the company to grow much more. In this context, prioritizing investments in technological inputs that make chatbot humanized is undoubtedly a safe way to boost business. Through these robots, it is possible to effectively improve the quality of customer experience as well it is helpful to build a positive relationship with the customer. For example, the chatbot can be coupled with a script prepared to react according to the stage of the funnel the customer is at. That is, this possibility is essential to generate new leads and qualify them according to the funnel phase. This makes it easy to choose the most specific marketing strategies to reach the right point for sales conversion. One of the biggest advantages is that your business can enjoy all these benefits safely, simply and conveniently. And all this is possible instantly and automatically, saving your time and reducing the workload of your sales and marketing teams.


Chatbots are already considered a trend for online business. This applies mainly to the e-commerce industry, as operations need more agility at all stages of purchasing. Some studies, related to market trends, indicate that, in a short time, artificial intelligence will be increasingly present in the strategies of large corporations. This shows that the tendency is that there is less human intervention in care. It is noteworthy that this does not mean human interaction will be exempted. The idea is just to offer better experiences, taking into account agility, practicality, and reduced resources. All these trends are part of technological evolution where there will no longer be a barrier to information.


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