Ichinen Holdings: Eliminating the Complexity of Fleet Management for Businesses


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Masahi kuroda, President and Ceo, Ichinen Holdings

The efficient use of vehicles plays an important role in improving the performance of large and small businesses. So, the choices made about financing the vehicles and fleet management can be crucial to a business’s success. But the hard reality is, as the fleet grows, the complexity associated with fleet management also grows at breakneck speed and becomes a huge bottleneck. As a result, businesses find it hard to keep a fleet up and running.

Realizing this increased need for efficient fleet management, one company that came to the forefront to reduce the fleet management complexity and ensure the safety of vehicles is Ichinen Holdings Co., Ltd. Founded in 1930, Ichinen Holdings provides the top-notch fleet management and automobile leasing services to its customers.

“It has become common for people to use “maintenance leasing” for automobile leasing in order to reduce vehicle management and ensure safety. We strive to provide our customers with “maintenance leasing” having high added value by way of advanced services that are well-suited to the era of automobile leasing,” says Masashi Kuroda, CEO of Ichinen Holdings.

Delivering Wide Range of Exemplifying Services

Headquartered in Osaka, Ichinen Holdings offers automotive leasing, fleet management, and contract maintenance as well as fuel sales services in Japan. It has a fleet of more than 61,000 leased vehicles with a similar number on fleet management. Its automobile leasing services reduce the administrative tasks for automotive maintenance which makes it possible for its clients to use automobiles safely with peace of mind. The company performs periodic, preventive maintenance on the vehicles used by its clients and also offers uniform gasoline prices all across Japan.

“What’s more, we set a uniform price all across Japan for the sale of fuel by way of the economy of scale that only ICHINEN is capable of,” asserts Masashi.

In addition to fleet management, the company also delivers services in various sectors including chemicals, parking, sales of machine tools, and synthetic resins with thought given to people, corporations, society, and the environment. Ichinen Holdings Co., Ltd is the holding company of Ichinen Group which develops these businesses and further improves the added value of its products by way of powerful synergies. As a whole, it provides total support for the corporate management of its customers.

Built On the Core Principle of Customer Centricity

Apart from its superior services another reason that makes the firm stand out in the industry is its customer-centric approach. It not just focuses on providing all-around services but also emphasizes on further improving its services for its customers. 

 “The basic management principle of our company is to reward our shareholders and employees and to be of service to society by fully satisfying a great number of customers with our excellent quality and services and by securing a reasonable profit,” states Masashi.

Aims To Strengthen and Expand Its Services

Moving forward, the company endeavours to strengthen the business foundation of the group that is aimed at the next generation. Meanwhile, it also plans to continue strengthening its existing businesses. The company is confident to be a revolutionary factor in the industry over the coming years with its innovative services and strong determination.

Just as its slogan says, Ichinen strives to provide its customers with amenities through its businesses to ensure that each and every day is the best one for its customers.

“Furthermore, we will provide our customers with a wide range of amenities that are not bounded by our business areas and we will aim to expand our businesses so as to better contribute to society throughout the world,” concludes Masashi.


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