Future Fleet: Revitalizing Australia’s Fleet Management Industry Using Powerful Technology


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Richard Saad, General Manager, Future Fleet

As millions of new vehicles are added onto our roads, waterways and airspaces each year, travelling becomes more and more dangerous. Due to the risks involved, the safety of drivers, company-owned vehicles and goods is a very high priority, especially in transport and logistics sectors. So, there is a rising demand from large organizations for effective fleet management services with a foundational emphasis on ensuring real-time safety today.

To realize such services, forward-thinking fleet management service providers are applying the latest in technology to create highly effective, powerful and lightweight digital software. These tools can effectively monitor the driving experience to detect negatives including poor vehicle condition, drivers’ fatigue or incapacity to function, congested roads, accidents, harsh terrain or weather conditions and natural disasters.

Supporting the Fleet Management Industry with State-of-the-Art Solutions

One of Australia’s most innovative fleet management service providers today is Future Fleet, a company providing advanced, customizable and comprehensive digital solutions emphasizing telematics, GPS technology, driver safety and vehicle tracking. The company emerged when the founders recognized the high value for technology-supported fleet management services for the Australian market. Once they realized how GPS technology-aided solutions can radically uplift productivity levels, improve profits, reduce operational costs, ensure drivers’ safety among more benefits, they set up headquarters in Queensland, in 2003.

Today, the company is one of Australia’s biggest dealers of MiX Telematics, a global leader in fleet management industry. The company provides MiX Telematics’ world-class fleet management services combined with continual support to all clients, from installation, customer guidance and on-going support. Aided by the latest in technology, these services aim to realize the safest driving experiences by allowing users to expertly monitor tasks, routes, driver’s fatigue level, assets, journey, communication and more. Additionally, the company offers DynaMiX, the powerful and complete fleet management software for enterprise clients with many features designed to maximize return on investment, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and improve customer experience. 

Future Fleet also offers some in-house products. The company offers two products designed especially for fleet management in the cold chain industry: Future Fleet® 3G iridium 2 Way Reefer Telematics Solution and Future Fleet® Reefer GPS Tracking Solution. It also offers Future Fleet PLUS, a dynamic and comprehensive fleet management platform for every requirement in logistics as well as cold chain projects. Finally, it also offers many trailer and asset tracking solutions that are highly customizable. Customers can avail additional optional features as well: weatherproof coating, solar powered back up power source and iridium satellite or 3G network for remote coverage.

Firmly Established for Unique, Specialized and Cost-Effective Services in the Market

As the Future Fleet team has over 30 years of experience and advanced knowledge in telecommunications, information technology and in particular, GPS technology, they are highly competent. Thanks to the core team’s domain expertise and decades of experience, the company is trusted throughout the nation for professional honesty and stability.

Future Fleet is unique in the market today. The company delivers unique and specialized fleet management solutions for clients, even enhancing existing products with the latest technologies. They are renowned for highly effective, cost-efficient and customizable fleet management solutions for diverse clients in all industries. Additionally, the company is also very famous for its friendly customer support services.

Over the years, Future Fleet has grown immensely: the company is now a member of several nationally important organizations of the fleet management sector. These include the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), the Refrigerated Warehouse and Transport Association (RWTA) and the Bus Industry Confederation (BIC). Being supported by a successful track record in the market, a solid professional reputation and high capacity to deliver excellent solutions in future, the company is continually broadening the horizon for the Australian fleet management sector.


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