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Expanding into new markets is one of the ways to grow your customer base and respond to market demand. But how to achieve successful “local” expansion abroad? One of the easiest and most effective approaches is to choose the right outsourcing partner who is trustworthy,reliable and knows the market.

DKSH, a leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia is a strong outsourcing partner to have.DKSH blends Swiss Reliability, professionalism and best practice corporate governance with more than 150 years of uninterrupted business presence in Asia. Through its 800 business locations across the region and a distinctively pan-Asian approach, the company is literally woven into the fabric of the countries it serves – and as they grow DKSH grows with them

Founded in the 1860ies, DKSH is a prime example of market expansion service provider representing Western companies in Asia. The Group comprises four Business Units – Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Performance Materials and Technology – and constantly focuses on building relationships with international as well as local clients to help these partners expand their businesses.

Perhaps the most intriguing Business Unit, and also the most profitable one, is that of Healthcare. Providing patients with access to healthcare across Asia is the motto of this dynamic business segment that helps pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers reach Asian metropoles as well as the most remote areas of Asia.

Bijay Singh, Global Head of Business Unit Healthcare, says “with more than 4,200 dedicated sales and marketing specialists in our Healthcare Business Unit alone, we have the largest sales and marketing platform in Asia”. By building a straightforward connection between the clients and consumers, DKSH Healthcare has helped shape the industry across the region.

The company has a long tradition of doing business within Asia and is deeply rooted in communities and businesses across the region. A deep understanding of Asian customers and their needs over a century and a half of experience allow DKSH to deliver flexible services. The company’s deep intimacy with customers, focus on knowing the local markets and global delivery capabilities is unique among outsourcing providers.Furthermore, DKSH Healthcare allows its pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, consumer health and medical device partners and manufacturers to enter new markets by gaining access to an existing network of hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, doctors, dentists and optical outlets, setting up marketing, sales and distribution structures and thereby exploring new business opportunities.

Business Unit Healthcare offers a wide range of solutions from registration, market entry studies, marketing and sales, redressing, physical distribution, as well as invoicing and cash collection. DKSH uses modern tools, connected to robust IT systems which form the backbone of its operations. The company applies above-industry standards for network and data operations to handle more than 15 million transactions per year.

The employment of modern tools like EchoPlus, a DKSH homegrown Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) solution, allows the company to effectively manage daily core activities and improve customer service and sales planning. In a large industry, DKSH Healthcare has been able to create a lasting impact by driving long-term strategic, transformative partnerships with vendors.

DKSH Healthcare’s highly-trained and certified staff works with documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to protect the quality of clients’ products. As one of the most trusted supply chain logistics service providers with state-of-the-art multi-temperature-controlled facilities in Asia,   DKSH’s Cold Chain system provides innovative solutions for the safe storage and transport of temperature-sensitive medication and ensures clients’ product quality, integrity and security throughout the supply chain.

Bijay claims, “We are a specialized service provider, focused on building relationships with international as well as local clients to grow their business. We allow our clients to focus on their core competencies while we drive their growth across the region.”

The reason why big corporations or small businesses select DKSH Healthcare is its large scale and distribution capabilities, its flexible services and ability to deliver bespoke business models, its market knowledge and sales capabilities which ultimately allow the customers to focus on their core competencies while DKSH drives growth across the region.

With a focus on strengthening brands, DKSH Healthcare is set for an exciting year ahead. Bijay says, “Asia is a continent with a fast-growing population with an increased willingness to pay for quality. This brings plenty of opportunities for healthcare companies and creates a vibrant business environment.”


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